desire fuck the link with this incredible computer, type if you want “desire motivational video” on YouTube or not, going to fucking A.A now, hard



  1. If it was, then thank you for that incredible video…wow
    the hardest part Charly is making the decision to go…getting out the door…fucking AA or not, you’re doing it…be proud…peace my friend
    xx Paris

    1. and you only got stuck on the word ” fucking” then you got a preatty small mind my friend, so do not fuck with me right now or i wil cut your throught, believe it fuck ass

      1. and now after that day you are really pissing me off, i do not hide you stupid shit you do come from spain right? come to me, tell yiou you FUCKER I will cut you up, don t ever get me right now piss me off after what i have been through, or do, and I will track you down, or better if you track me down I wont have to do the job, fucking coward, fucking, want me to say that again cause i can go a bit nuts if you want you fucking fuck head

  2. That video was amazing. I am glad I decided to watch it. Thank you for posting it.

    I felt like giving up. I lost my job. I was mentally and emotionally destroyed by my recent ex.

    My bone dehumanization shit is painful and making me want to quit and stay in bed with a bottle of wine where I can reach it without leaving the bed.

    I watched this video and read through a lot of your posts, and terrible shit you have been through.

    When you have nothing left, that is the time to get up and fight. It is right and I know it. I just needed to be reminded.

    Much love,

    1. Hello Annie, sorry for the delay response. Everybody has their problems or reach certain point in their life´s or certain points, when all seems quite bad to say the least. So you do have to pull that inner strength when you have nothing left in the tank….then is when you keep going. Easier said than done, but it can be done.
      Take care, and keep on fighting.

    1. I got you, actually a girl I know has it too and she is only 28 years old And she goes to the pool and spa since it seems is good the wáter and she will swim and do her exercises, the woman has some days when she does have to take morphine, and when I see her and talk to her she´s always with a smile, haven´t seen a tougher person than that one. You can live a fullfilling live, ofcourse with the ups and downs specially with what you got, but stay positive.

  3. I think dehumanization was a Freudian slip because i feel dehumanized by these people i live with and that is part of why i wanted to quit too.
    Fuck them. They have no power over me, unless i give it to them

    1. Never let anybody make you feel like shit, never. I actually live now with quite some charachters and that is in part why I can´t get as much as I want in the internet and wordpress. It´s day and day out fights, but guess what, they are not bringing me down in any case if they push me too much I´ll bring them down. So yes, you are correct, you choose if you let people have power over you. So choose not to let them have it

  4. Hey Charly, have you ever tried celebrate recovery at a local church? My hubby was a bad alcoholic for half his life and aa and rehab did nothing for him,,,it wasn’t until he tried celebrate recovery that he conquered his alcoholism,,,praise God,,,he’s been sober now for 6 yrs 🙂 Wish all the best for you, sir :))

  5. Sometimes we don’t always see the progress right away . . . little things that cumulatively become big changes. Though desire drives motivation, drive can falter on days when we’re the bug & not the windshield – those are the days we just keep wiping ourselves off and trying again 🙂 My brother has been in AA over a year and just celebrated getting his 1-yr chip; he had to work really hard ’cause he was a real mess!! You got this Charley!! You certainly don’t strike me as the type who gives up . . .

    1. No I don’t give up, but this alcohol thing, is definately a challenge. Glad for your brother hope the chips will keep stacking up. Just a day to day little inside battle.
      Love ya, and thank’s for the link.

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