I´m your trip to read me

You sure can relate
I do skate with little Kate
I just hate…
or shiiiieat
no feet in the streaat

I´m just an entertainer
the real painter, words
I say, hell ya, that is why I heard birds

I´m but naked
don´t throw me a snake-ed
that is me, now what I how what I….. ?
I´m just that mean and I did spill that bean, my bad
so now see the how when I say…., how
your trip to read me be it see me it na, gotta now me how then goes thes show.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Did you spill the Jim Beam down you thro, no oh well I gotta go too 🙂 I hope you find those (loose) screws.

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