Charly´s Doctrine

Hey, seems all the presidents of the U.S have a doctrine so I won´t be less
so, so…here we go!

So here is laid out
what? you want to shout?
I´ll give you a snack
after I take my nap
then I can later snap

Aaaaa, yes,now I remember, the roomates
so we do the hates, and all, been in worst so don´t
play with the Little Charly the Priest

Will grant you this, not to be miss,
I am difficult to live with, yet again depends
on the people you are with.

Doctrine!!!!! two dots.. : Never let people put you down, be yourself
some may like it others will hate you, you can adapt but to a certain point
and never I say never change for others, with rare exceptions that is, in my case is
familly, apart from those, fuck the others. Did go yesterday a bit ballistic with one of
my roomates, he´s a hater and animator….that was a weird rhyme.

Doctrine: Better stand up for yourself

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Everyone has something to give. Even if we’ve been hurt or harmed…sometimes because of that. You clearly have a gift for words, Charly. I always find something worthwhile on your blog. Stay true to yourself. You matter to alot of us.

    1. Exactly, change because you want to and for those “exceptions” that you love and want to be better for them, yet again you can´t do a 360, but you cant tweak some things here and there and really if they really really love you they will accept you for who you are and won´t expect a radical change from you.

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