Charly Da Vinci in the house!

Charly Davinci
veni veni venci
he once famously said, and I quote
“Humans can make art with anything, art is what the human wants to create and is always beautiful bringing people together”

So that´s what the master who was no casper said……or I just might just  made it up.

Either ways anyhows Charly the artist is here
so you better listen well with that ear of yours, the good one that is

I have a tomato on the left, milk on the centre and a beer on the far right
so now I write to you…..

are beautiful references
as in that picture
or in life´s creature 
humans difference
should not be a hindrance
for trying to understand
not always taking the perfect stand
we are imperfect
says me the perfect

Damn I hate this freaking cigars, wish I had money to buy real cigarettes, the beer wasn´t all that bad though. Have a great day.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses



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