Justice Lady

I was going to write some fancy thing
with words that will make you think of the “bling bling”
but screw it,
just got notification
with quite the allegation
to present myself
in the justice system shelf
on March of the year 2016 at 11:20 a.m
to go and see the Justice mam
for something that happened 6 years ago
which was a failed attempted robbery of a liquor store
which seems I was so drunk I wanted to score
so 6 years later, when everything is going fine
then you have to pay your dime
probably no jail time I think but still it does stink
leaves you thinking for a year what the hell is going to happen
but to me, fuck it, I did screw up so not but, just suck it up
going now to A.A so I don´t end up homeless and in those positions of stealing
so after whatever you do in your past it will eventually come at you with feeling.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Thank you Richard, let´s see if the Judge thinks the same. And yes, I am a good guy compared to others I think, but that I did screw up there so now time to take responsibility for it, whatever it comes. I could even not present myself to the hearing and the letter says that the hearing will go on without me obviously, and the other guy that is named on the letter he definatelly is not going to be present, I will. Have to take responsibility for my old screw ups, and probably there will be more in the future, not those type but others. Point being, just taking responsibility for my actions and to tell you the truth I feel better that way whatever it comes later on, I know I did the right thing by taking responsibility.
      Damn, this was a long comment.

    1. Appreciate it, but I did mess up back then, so now have to face the consequences. And I do feel better that is going to be over with whatever the outcome is, I screwed up and now I pay the price and after that I´ll keep living life as I am doing now. The right path, for the most part, but certainly not doing those crazy idiotic things.

  1. Love this!! Especially – “whatever you do in your past it will eventually come at you with feeling” – total truth, dude!! Check your email, too 🙂

    1. I’ll try to check it out, I am in the freaking public library and tons of people are looking at me as if saying “will you get the F-off the computer, I need it too”. I’ll get to it though

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