Quote I don´t like at all

Some people are so poor all they have is money

This is a quote from a blogger that if he or she see´s this will maybe get pissed off, he or she is a great person and hangs up quite some wonderful quotes, really. But this one….damn, I was thinking to myself “man, only people who have money will say this” I´m sure there a bunch of hippies out there that are barely getting through and will say “peace, love, harmony and lets go hug a tree and eat strawberries” but for me, fuck that. As of right now, I´m down to eating one meal a day, thank God that I am at my parents house and I will not ask for money I´m a grown man, but I did make a visit just for the food to tell the truth. And see my dog also. She´s freaking deaf now by the way, and she can´t stop talking. Really she talks, every time I come in to the room she´s at she´ll go “woo, woooooo, wo wo” and me ” say whaaaat?!!” and she again “wo wo wooooooo” So it is quite an interesting conversation we have. I think we´re bonding more now.

Anyways, back to the quote. I have been homeless,that´s not fun. Now I have some money but I can´t work on the shitty jobs I used to work as a painter, or in construction, or for that matter a bartender since I have the broken ankle and I´m still limping plus my back hurts like hell. So limp man over here is getting the money from where? Yep, the State. The same state that is going to charge me with attempted robbery next year. I should add it was an attempt to get into a liquor store 6 freaking years ago when I was homeless. So that´s quite the paradox.

Now that I live in another town, a better town than where my parents live, but I do have to pay rent, pay food, transportation, my cigarettes, no booze since I´m going to A.A at least doing it good for now but as they say one day at a time, anyways live like normal people do and manage the money as normal people do. And just paying the rent 3/4 of my monthly allowance is gone, so I´m down to eating one meal a day. I think that for the past week my face has turned like a giraffe, loooong, and you know why? Because of all the freaking spaghetti I´m eating, that and rice. It cheap and you can make great amounts of it and last´s longer. The freaking laptop I bought which I spend half of my savings on that thing is now fucked up since the hard drive is broken and I still don´t know if the “guarantee” ( that should last for a year) but I don´t know if it covers a broken hard drive I´ll see tomorrow when i go to see the repair guy,and if he tell me I have to pay, well out the window goes the new laptop, since I don´t have the money for that. So that was a great investment that lasted not even two months. So now back to walking over a mile to get to the public library, I should say limping, just to get to a computer. I could go on a bus, but don´t want to spend more money on transportation.

So the quote implies that money doesn´t buy you happiness. Well fuck you, (not anybody in specific just cursing my way through the post) maybe you won´t be the happiest of people, but I guarantee you that life is much better, and what the hell if I had money I would not have so many headaches and believe me I´d have a permanent smile, just like the Joker.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Just one life? That´s boring, I prefer to live multiple ones. And I might rob you so watch out, you´ll be the one eating spaghettis day in and day out. You can put tuna on them, it´s nice

  1. I agree with you Charly – it’s a stupid quote and an overly simplistic thought. Of course money doesn’t buy happiness. What it does buy are options and all humans need to have options. It also buys opportunities. What we do with those is our own.
    I’ve struggled most of my life. I’m happy and appreciative of what I have but like any other normal human, wish and dream for more.
    Oh! And make mine Pasta con asparagi, pancetta, e Pinoli – I’m dreaming big! 🙂

    1. I completely agree with your comment, except for the last part Pasta with what?!!! That´s too much, but I can make some mean tomato sauce, meat,onion…that should make you love me.

      1. Done deal, although now that I think of it that mix you just said does sound pretty good and healthy and I like healthy, not that I like it all that much is more necessity for my 99 year old body but hell, we can eat the healthy during launch and the bolognesa at night. Just make a one day spaghetti party for a day. Call it “Spaghetti day”. We could make a trend of it, it can pick up, there is Earth day, poetry day, so why not Spaghetti day.

  2. LOL! Good one Charly. It’s true, very easy to say money doesn’t buy happiness when you have a roof over your head and food to eat. Still, there are rich people so miserable with such corroded souls, I’d rather hang out with the poor.

    1. As I said I´m sure there a rich people that are miserable, they are humans like everybody else. I wasn´t necessary talking about rich people, just middle or upper middle class or even lower middle class. I struggle but you I don´t walk around with my head down and all depressed. But eventually it would be nice to go to the supermarket and buy myself a nice stake and some nice ice creams or whatever other thing that is what I call “luxury” once or twice or three times a week which I can´t do with my very tight budget. Or as I said be able to travel from point A to point B several times during the week instead of just doing it once a week and try to get to point B to do several things in the same day like a doctors appointment, then go to the bank, social security services, so I have to call which again is more money that I spend in my pre paid phone card to try to make all the appointments fit in the same day so I don´t have to spend more money another day. Just very simple and basic things that you probably don´t think about because you don´t have that problem. But hey, if you want to hang out with me and my 400$ a month and then listen the discussions with the roomates when the bill for electricity comes and all start bitching about who has to pay what and that this guy or that other one always has the light on in his room so no wonder the bill came so high, or that this guy takes 3 showers a day therefore the bill for water comes higher or that other guy washes the clothes every other day and so on, well you can come and deal with that on a day to day basis.
      If as you say rich people are miserable with corroded souls that´s their choosing to be miserable. Everyone, of any kind of economic social standing will have problems, but dealing with those problems when you do have enough money to spare at the end of the month does makes life much easier.

      1. “Just very simple and basic things that you probably don´t think about because you don´t have that problem.”

        Ah Charly, I do sometimes. I hear you. It’s terribly unfair, isn’t it? It is humiliating and frustrating. We people have a tendency however, to then make ourselves even more miserable by looking towards others and really pouring the injustice all over ourselves.

      2. For me is not all that humiliating, it is frustrating for sure, and I really don´t make myself miserable nor pour injustice all over my self. I got to this point because of poor judgements I made through life, so it´s of my choosing it´s not anybody elses fault. As I said before ( I think) I walk around with a smile on my face, except that when some friends say “let´s go to this place to have launch or let´s go to the movies” well I have to find an excuse to not go because there is no $$. Apart from those things, little things in life as I said, it´s frustrating yet again I do have a roof over my head and hopefully my laptop back again. So no, I don´t beat my head over it on a constant basis. Just makes life harder that´s all, but life is hard so deal with it. That is why with money life wouldn´t be all that hard. And I could go out to the movies or have a coffe in a bar downtown the town while I sit taking in the sun, things like that. Just would make the day a bit more brighter, but that is not to say that you have to walk around all miserable.

      3. Well, it makes me miserable, Charly. I hate having to chose between getting brakes on the car or paying the water bill, while there are others in the world who think nothing of paying that much for a tee-shirt. I know a woman that spends more on her poodle every month then my entire salary. I’d say, that’s a wee bit humiliating. We don’t have to be miserable, however, you are right.

  3. Thanks for writing this. People who have money shouldn’t be the voice of those who don’t and assume that they know what that means. The “self-imposed” poverty of hippies drives me insane. Being poor is not a romantic thing. Thanks again for sharing your story.

    1. I too don´t like a bit those hippy types that constantly say life is not about money…f-that. It maybe that life is not all about money, but we do live in a society where if you at least have money to spare at the end of the month it definately makes life much more easier. And just simple things in life like being able to go to the supermarket one day and buy a couple of good stakes, or go out on the weekend for launch instead of walking around town and sitting down to only have a coke with some peanuts because there´s no money for a good launch or dinner with some friends. And it´s a bit shameful to go out with friends and say, na I´ll pass on eating I´m on a diet so I´ll just have a glass of water but water from the sink which is free. So for not to do that you just don´t even go out and stay at home eating spaghetti again. I´m not talking about the super rich but just making enough to be able to have those little things, like even go to starbucks and sit there in the sun having my caffe mocha which costs….I don´t know I remember back when I was in the U.S it was almost 4 bucks the big cup, just little moments like that to make the day a bit more brighter, but having 400$ for the entire month and with that survive is quite tricky you got to watch every single penny. And it sucks.

      1. You’re right. I think people who say those things have money to fall back on if they need it…even if they are not showing off their money…it’s still there. What you’re describing really sucks. I hope it gets better, Charly…you never know.

  4. I wish I had a solution for you, Charly. Have you considered running ads on your site? It may feel like a compromise, but you have the following. That can translate into cash. And you get to choose the ads…canned tomatoes? parmesan? Maybe convince a computer company to donate a laptop to you. I’m sure you know there are nonprofits that give grants to veterans, writers, and other worthy sorts. Newman’s Own Foundation wwww.newmansownfoundation.org is one. Of course, you can always market your bolognese. Sounds delicious.

  5. Not having any money really myself, I took this quote as being said not by a rich person, but by a normal person looking at just how pathetic some rich folk are “with all their money & such” because the rich can be so morally and ethically bankrupt. Just my take anyway 😉

    1. I was not saying that the person was rich, I really don’t know the person, it was just my take on the quote, not for the specific person I wrote that, they just gave me something to think and write about, was not about that person.
      You did say the rich can be morally and ethically bankrupt, so can the poor also, so I prefere being morally and ethically bankrupt as a rich one than a poor one, but I won’t be, I might not be perfect thatś for sure but I’m a preety good guy at the end of the day if you compare me with others out there

  6. who don’t need money? I’m belle, I love roses rather than money so I ended up marrying a monster and I’m working out too hard to transform him into a handsome prince but it turns out he is a frog because we are poor.Love of money is the root of all evil. A roof over our head, a loving family and sometims we , go eat out on weekends it feels like heaven to me. I want everything because we deserve everything.

    1. Hold on, first off it îs strânge to change a person și the minister will be a monstre, second of……. Yep you dissserve everything you want, catch 22…….if you earn it

      1. what’s 22? please make it clear ….it’s hard to change me and him? the minister? am I doing that? I don’t really get it. We are alike love talking in metaphors I’m not easy to understand hope they can forgive me.

  7. Having to choose between food for your kids and medicine or dr appt for yourself so that you can still be healthy enough to take care of your kids….that is not a life. This life of no money sucks and has no quality at all for me or the kids.
    People with money do not have any idea about not having enough for basic things.
    I have been friends with homeless people from meeting them when I have had to eat at the soup kitchen. Some of them just bad circumstances. Many people are closer to being homeless than they think. Just one lost job when you are going paycheck to paycheck. Don;t pay the rent then you are out.
    Getting back inside again is extremely difficult. Anyone that got from outside to inside again deserves a medal.

    1. Well you are talking to a guy who once was homeless and right now my economic circumstances, as well as the rest of the people in this screwed up country are pretty dire. I now have to go back to eat some days to the “soup kitchen” and not only you find the typical homeless, what is worst is that you now find people that once not to long ago owned a house, had a good job, and since the recession which we are still in, well you can´t find a job not even in Burger King. And once Burger King is not hiring is a telling sign that the country is fucked (excuse my French).

      Although now I have saved enough to rent a small room and my ankle is doing much better, you can barely notice the limp but I can´t run or jump, but that´s fine I manage to find little jobs here and there, plus the subsidies from the State. Which eventually don´t last for ever, so go figure if they take that away then I´m really screwed, so basically I´m living thinking if next month I´ll be able to pay rent, eat, and go out once in a while with friends.
      But is just life, the earth is not falling apart, you just adapt and push through.

  8. Yup. Nobody understands this but one who’s been there. I’m mostly at one meal myself. People yell at you, too, about it, to compound the hurt and frustration. I have no job, was hurt, was once at a homeless shelter for about three weeks (that doesn’t help), have a tumor on my forehead I think is cancer, no insurance, like no money. It totally sucks. This is ongoing since 2009. I did work up to a bike though. It makes it easier to get to the library. Now I use my phone for internet; there are some cheap plans and you can surf the web, etc. Don’t know how I did without it. How much do they pay to run ads on your site? I’d really like to know.

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