Sensual Me

You desire
I just launch you a big wire

You start chocking on your emotions
Those are the sensations
I’m gonna make you feel  every part of you own notions

Kissing you slowly in the neck
Eventually  you screaming like a “aaaaa!!!” rec

Up I go starting with your face….
liking those beautiful lips
where I take your spirits

Down I go,
passing through your nipples  with my tongue
baby, how hard they have become

Down I go again,
keep going down with my thick lips
until I reach your clitoris
where I work my magic tricks
and where your only option is to mumble ” hissss”

Stay Frosty gents and gentessess.



      1. It was 92F here yesterday with 100 humidity. But better than the 101F on my ranch in NM((((((
        I thought I was running a fever yesterday until I realized I had forgotten to set the thermostat after cleaning the filters on my central air unit.(((((((((( Old age settling in very comfortably here in George’s old Noggin.
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      2. That sounds a bit like torture, but did you consider getting an air conditionaire, that or get a good looking young lady that will get a bikini and use it as a fan

      3. I considered moving to NW Canada before my Nieces and latest Grands were born, now I just make sure I limit my outside activities during summer months, build lots of shaded/covered and protected areas on my property and a few solar powered fans to help out.
        Young women and bikinis create a choking hazard around me))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      4. Hey George, sorry for the delay response I was out of internet for quite some time.
        Did you said solar power fans? That and having woman around you for them to enjoy your company…´re a humanitarian then.

      5. Out in the countryside, you never know when the power will fail, so reserve methods of power is always welcomed and necessary. We still have tornadoes, and not the Airplanes, but real doozies of storms, so prepared is always better.
        Hope all is going well, my Friend.
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      6. All is going good, internet is back up and today spend the whole day catching up with peoples writing, there are too many, would like to have more time but…..things to do, they should make the day 34 hours. Don´t know who to ask for that…

      7. I can fully understand, when my phone went on the blink, I didn’t get much free time. I don’t worry about catching up anymore. If it was important someone will contact me to read it or ask why I didn’t, then I’ll find out what was important.))))))))))))))))))))) Wishing you a great week. I’ll be taking family time over the extended weekend and do a little travel, maybe, depending on weather and whether. ❤ (๑̀ ͜ʖ๑́) ❤

      8. You couldn´t be more right as to catching up and if it was important someone would be contacting me, which actually one person did so I guess that´s the important person.
        It´s got to be burning hot over there now at this time of year?
        Here we got to 40 degrees celcious, the streets during the evening are empty, everybody inside with the Air Conditioning, which I don´t have so I just take a cold bath every 2 minutes.

        Hope you and the clan have a great family outing, that should be interesting to see the whole georgeforfun clan out and about in group, well interesting and kind of scary

      9. Over the last few years, we have made it a point to spend Christmas holidays together, no excuses, no opting out. I get a big discount from the airlines from overseas when I book through my travel buddy.
        If I’m real lucky and my old Friend isn’t using his corporate plane and pilot, I can fly some of the Clan together and really enjoy an outing.
        Our local Catholic Church and the townspeople and businesses get a real kick when we hit town in our Bus and minivans. Priest says it’s like having a mini-UN assembly indeed. NOw almost 30 of us in one place is a big $$ visit for food places, theatres and other types of shopping. They really love when Sis takes my Daughters&DaughtersInLaws shopping, Twins and Gingers, too. Twins invading)))))))))))))))))))))))
        ❤ (๑̀ ͜ʖ๑́) ❤

      10. 30? For crying out loud George, only with your family the church will probably be full already. The priest, apart from having a good sense of humour should probably be quite happy having you all. I suppose that a lot of expenses that´s for sure, but I´m also sure it´s worth it.

      11. And that’s not counting when any of my 6 Siblings and families show up. Yep, we are a definite economic impact on the local businesses, especially groceries, clothes, food places and
        Liquor storesssssssssssssssssssssss
        ❤ (๑̀ ͜ʖ๑́) ❤

      12. Damn, I am sorry for the late reply but couldn´t get into internet as I wanted, bunch of idiots roaming around which probably I am a bit or much of one of those if I do some day hang out with these nutcases,

        But to your point, I think you keep the economy going over there, you should run for Major

      13. I have considered that on more than one occasion. At least the speeched won’t be long )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
        I’ll just hand out my speeches and tell them to read or not))))) Saves us both time. But I’m afraid I’m a little old to be learning how to lie more every day.
        Sounds like time to toss a coin.
        Wishing you a wonderful week, Charlie
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      14. George, you´d make the best major, since first of all people are tired of long bullshit speeches by regular politicians, you will tell them the truth ( hopefully) plus with two guns by your side I believe you´ll be persuasive.
        Hope you are having a great week, here is hot, hot too hot. 42 degrees celcious, which means you see little people on the street, everybody inside and the lucky ones with air conditioning, me the unlucky taking a cold shower every 30 minutes

      15. I remember times in Spain and Turkey and Mexico without AC, sucked then and now, still. Cold showers are good. As a postman I discovered some “cooling products” that worked well. I also built a portable AC unit with a battery operated fan blowing over frozen milk containers frozen the night beforer in a plastic storage box, punched holes at top on one side for intake of air and put a PVC elbow as exhaust pointed at my driver’s seat, It wasn’t cold, but it made a difference indeed on those 35+ days. Similar ideas are on Youtube nowadays, low cost alternatives, minimal mechanical knowledge required. Necessity is the Mother of Invention some smart person said longLONG time ago. It wasn’t me . Wish you cooler temps.

      16. The stores that made a lot of money the past month where the ones selling AC and ventilators, they just run out of them. Seems the country went to buy them at the same time.
        And, did someone tell you are like Macgyver? You can build anything.

      17. High heat suddenly makes people realize they can “afford” it. Heat stroke made me very ingenious and dedicated to solving the problem In that stupid postal truck.

      18. I remember back to making “official” visits to Turkey, North Africa, and Spain. Why couldn’t they send me in Winter, not Summer? I dressed like a Muslim, covered everything except eyes. I guess it helped me to practice being a Mute for later years, indeed.
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      19. Sorry for the late response george, I had to smile at this comment. Maybe the reason they send you there in the summer was that they either didn´t like you too much or felt you could handle what mother nature much better than others

      20. I believe it was more the former, not latter, indeed. Sometimes I was sent in to remind them of the consequences of non-cooperation, I’d keep coming back until they cooperated or I became the permanent liaison. Funny, I didn’t have too many permanent assignments like that. ))))))))))))))))))))))))

      1. Hey babe, they know me by the name of the Spanish Stallion……plus you’re not middle age, you’re young what are you talking about and hottie di hot

      1. You want my rhythm…..? LOL
        sexy sexy charly the snarly so quite parley?….that did’t come out as cool as I wanted, I’ll give it another shot next time

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