Ordinary Soldier


not my fault….. just the only picture I have in uniform and over there, that they actually send me quite a bit of years ago to my email, the other ones are printed, and me being the genius of computers I have no clue how to upload them, plus I’m “working” out from a freaking public library, by the way, you do see strange people here…….

don’t do much of the extraordinary
Hell, probably going there…
I’m not sorry
so don’t have to worry
Except, for my bastards
those nut cases where  my stars

Apart from that, well I don’t give a shit
I just spit
how, why, what…. but the training did snap

those special operations….
where did these guy come from?
they’re strange creations

So yep, ba di be di pi pop!
just sending a wassap
so later on I can just snap, and even later take my afternoon nap

Ordinary……so, HIT IT!!!!
not stationary
we carry
the evil prairie
have a bit of a hurry
we don’t much worry
tough we where so I’m not sorry

We did and we saw quite some incredible things
Like exterminate  some human beings

No Play Station game
we had no fame
most or if  not all our country felt shame
for what we did without much paid

Just the ordinary doing what they volunteered to do
for who? I guess it was suppose to be you

holy shiat with the “But” . I do have a nice one…Jesus, where did my head go
I now got her on a strong hold, no worries, back to the theme
this is not a smoke  screen so at the end of the day, the ordinary knows and feels
not the extraordinary , just couldn’t hack it no more as before.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. It was and is a volunteer army, I actually seeked and volunteered for my second deployment to Afgan is shit. So you know, sort of, what you are getting in to.
      About experiences in those situations, I guess dark humour is what got us through, that and also be able to compartimentalise (have no spell check…) things.

    1. Thank you I guess, is strange for the Spanish to even aknowledge that they do have an army and that they actually are there doing some crazy things, so is not like in the U.S where people will actually tell a soldier “thank you for your service”, it’s even the norm over there, but here you just get back, normally at night, no camearas, no welcome party from familly (in my experience at least, others did have a welcome party with familly members), so you just assume that, you do your job, and just don’t talk about it, only with my crazy bastards though,I call of them all bastards and crazy the guys I did serve with, and that is the only reason I did it and they did it, just us.

    1. The freaking public libraries, right now I’m here, so until they don’t fix the laptop, and go figure when that will be, I have to walk an hour just to get to this place, and you said about the photo…..I look hot don’t I ? (I have to flirt if not it would not be me) but just ordinary hot, actually in the literal sense it was hot specially having to carry all the gear

      1. Hello Audrey, sorry for the delay response couldn´t get into the internet, I´ll be catching with you guys later on. I am hot di di hot!!! by the way.
        Have a great day

      1. I did not want you to feel bad…about calling me a liar – so I just agreed. (so I was lying the second time not first) See – hows THAT for manipulation? 😛 Now am I lying now – is the question?
        No don’t answer that!! (I AM NOT BAD ‘K)

      2. You girls are weird……still gotta love ya though.
        Gotta get out now from the freaking library computer, a woman! by the way is the one who says I’ve been at this too much time and it does seem that people do look at me with the “cooko eye” as in saying, get the hell out we also need it.

        Ayways any hows, you women…….

  1. Perfection . . . this is so good!! If I have never told you – much respect & gratitude for your service to your country and the world. I wish there was an emoticon for a formal salute!

    1. Sadie, it is me, crazy Charly the Priest. I just look different when you put the uniform and the gear, and rifle and that bullshit, ( which actually saved our lives in quite some occasions) so no salute for me, just salute for you people that read my crazy rambling, or poetry or whaterver the hell it is that I do, but I finally found “my thing”, writing, be it bad or good, I just have fun doing it

  2. you look real hot in that uniform hotter still for serving your country …..surely, you’re extraordinary! A priest in uniform? That makes you a great person, period.

    1. Și your a durees then, your flirting with me…..girls or boys maybe, anyways any hows it îs true the saying that they do like men în uniform…….și yep, that was my 24 version of me, but în hotter now 😉

      1. yes, because you’re a man in uniform and poets are romantic lover with a wife and children that makes you one! plus a fortune in your name.

  3. I think it might work if you take a picture of the picture (does that make sense or sound like I am stuttering …LOL) with your cell phone camera, and then you will have the picture in your cell phone.

    Then you can write the post on the computer and save it as a draft.

    Then go to wordpress on your cell. Find the draft and open it. You should be able to upload the picture from your phone to the post that way.

    I hope this helps. It is the way I have been able to get old pictures onto posts. I have some old pictures that I wanted to have. I took pictures of them with my cell and they came out a lot better than I expected them to …after a few tries.

    There can be a trick with the glare when taking the picture of the picture , depending on if the original was made on glossy or mat paper. Sometimes the glare is less if you take the pic at a slight angle.

    You can always try to get a young person to help you with this too. Whenever I had technical issues with my cell phone …like when I wanted to get the netflix app, I used to ask the 20 year olds where i worked. They always know how to do these things.

    I was proud of you for writing all those poems. You are rockin 🙂

    Good Night Charlie,
    Annie ❤

    1. HI Annie, sorry for the late reply but I just got internet back.
      So you read that? Yes mam, that was me with 24 years, I did change from that part to the second part and now is pretty much in the past.
      Although I gotta say…I was hot bak then!!

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