Don’t ask Don’t tell

Don’t ask don’t tell
I’ll probably going to hell

Christian I am
probably not the best of men

My late uncle died of aids
he was one of those crazy gays

How do I reconcile that with the word of the bible….
do a blaaa bla , able ?

He, my uncle, the best human being
you could be seeing

And me, the crazy one
he couldn’t have more fun
with my crazy stories
which he laughed out all his worries

Just a good person, hate to put people in categories
that is jus some bullshit stories, people are people, the
individual is what counts with his or her residual, some bad some good
that is each individuals food

Never talked to him about gays, he was just that, my cool uncle
who should have more time to stay’s

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. now , I’ll give your due . Thanks for a great post.
    Well his my uncle too and I won’t give a damn about how he live his life it’s not mine to judge for am a sinner too. can we open the heart of a person and see what’s really hiding inside? It’s up to God, I think, because God knows everything and I’ll do my thing to be good in his eyes I think? my reply just for a laughs.

    1. Helo my souldiergirl, sorry for the late response I didn´t have internet access. Thank you very much for the compliment, I´ll be catching with you all later on. A big hug back.

      1. I´m just a nutty happy go lucky mixed with a bit of a bad boy yet innocent at the same time, and a good person compared to other guys I know, not perfect though and that likes to flirt 😉

  2. So sorry Charly. We have lost a young family friend to AIDS too. What a waste. Good your uncle enjoyed your company and had a laugh listening to your stories. You were a comfort, sure.

    1. Sorry for your loos.
      My uncle was the strongest person I knew, mentally I mean, and caring, if you can believe that while his last month in bed before he died he would tell me to go to Fosters Hollywood to eat the meal I love and that we both loved which were ribs, (since I was staying all day with him in the room, doing 24 totation with mom and even I do more time so he knew I was tired,specially when you sleep on a shitty chair or try to get an eye shut, so that says a lot of the character of the man, a loving and giving decent human and ofcourse with me he loved it. You kidding?… with my crazy stories he would then laugh even a bit since he was quite weak, and just move his head and say ” Charly, Charly, what a mess you are” but you could see his little smile and that´s what counted.

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