Evil Christian

And the public know,
what all school children learn….

Those to whom evil is done
do evil en return
so they can learn
to take the right turn

Humans are humans
Eventually in one way or another
some sort of evil they will do as truants

I´m, believe or not a Christian
that is my coalition, I try
to be the best it is
at the same time I can become not a siss
Do evil to me….. unfortunately
you will see and feel the worst part of life´s deal.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


  1. Hi; we’re new to your blog by way of fellow blogging bud, Conrad of Wine Wankers. Very interesting indeed. Humans can be vicious by nature. I believe we either succumb to the dark side or fight it doing our best to be civilized. Unfortunately not everyone adheres to this doctrine. The “eye for an eye” doctrine is one that would most certainly act as a deterrent. Working in law enforcement, I seen my fair share of that evil human nature and not enough fighting back. Loved the post & blog and we’re looking forward to stopping by & reading more. Sharing it now.

    1. The wine wankers, they where the ones that got me interested in the world of wine, they do a great job at taking that topic and making it interesting to people who have no idea about that world.

      Glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog. I don´t adhere to that doctrine either, but remember, it is not me that I constantly write about, it is called creative writing for a reason. I will admit that I do have a short fuse if I see or they do to me something that I perceive as injustice, and you working in law enforcement well you would probably have had me arrested in more than one ocasion, although we do have something sort of in common, I spend 4 and a half years in the Spanish Legion and deployed 2 times, so I guess we where the enforcement in those two screwed up countries. Probably that´s why I got out with a short fuse and a bit angry.
      I´ll go now check your blog.
      Nice meeting you.

    1. You can be a Hindu as far as I´m concern, I don´t care. What I see is people, there are good Jews and bad Jews, good Muslims and bad ones, good Christians and bad ones ( like me), so as I wrote in an earlier post I hate to categorise people for their sex orientation or ideologies or faiths, I look at how the individual is.

      1. Yes! He did… Mark 18:10… My post about Judging as the verse in the second photograph 🙂 And, if Jesus can say that… Who can say otherwise…

      2. Then is actually refreshing if they man who was God put on this earth as the chosen one was a faulty person….well I actually feel much better now

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