The Priest is back on the block !

Yeeeha !
Just doing the funky chicken dance
while singing la  la in my trance

Finally got internet now
To me it seems like a big great wow

Actually, I was missing you people,
you humans you…..truants !


Good news, I just counted I wrote 40 “poems”
on theseFoto 293
and when the police saw this
they just gave me a wild geese

Yeeeeeeha !

Now is time for me to attack……your heart .

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses have a great start of the week.


    1. Hey there my man,
      muchas gracias ( Spanish for “thank you”)
      hold on you said…. Cia Bella, damn you just said “by beautiful” in Italian, well…going now to your place, look it

      1. Sorry for the late reply, as always internet went, I don´t know where but I do have it now, it will stay that way, it better, but………Je sui Charlie

      1. Hope all is well. btw, you can ask to scan your photographs in the library. I am certain they have a scanner. Just bring a memory card with you to store the images.

      2. I don´t have a memory card, but I will and I´ll learn to do it, and I don´t know about the libraries you know but if you saw the one in this town…..lucky if you can call it a library

  1. I’ve missed you!!! And oh goodie we are all in for treats from Charlie!!! I write my poetry on yellow legal paper! LOL There is something about the power of pen and paper ….. right??? (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    1. I like seeing all my booklets filled with ideas or little poems and short flash fiction stories, sort of have a sense of accomplishment. Plus I have this paranoia that if I save them in the computer the computer will crash one day and I´ll loose everything. Hugs back Amy

    1. Did you just said wasted?!!!! I know I get wasted off line, it was good whiskey though….. 😉

      Actually it came as a shock to me when I started counting, now I don´t even know which one to put up on wordpress, I want to put them all up at once! They do need refine though since I had no spell check nor my “rhyme page” with me.

      1. What? Refining and spell checking?? Yuck! Let them be imperfect, Charly! Just spill them on heads of your readers ‘as is’!

  2. Damn you are most prolific!!! 🙂 I still love to write the old fashioned way, just me & pencil/pen and paper . . .
    Happy you have Internet again! Why don’t you get you a USB key to save all your stuff on – that way you don’t have to worry about losing it. I’m hoping to get back in the swing & start posting a little more regularly . . . I added a few new posts to my romance/poetry blog lately, if you haven’t already, maybe check them out & give me some feedback 🙂

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