Show me the money!!!!! (rant)

Hey Greece and the people from that fucked up country, show me the freaking money!!!!!

These guys have borrowed 1.8 billion dollars from the European Union and they are still going broke and worst off they still expect the rest of the countries which by the way are made of people who pay taxes well for those people in those countries to pay for their bills, fuck you. Spain is in debt 98% which basically means that if I have one hundred dollars I owe the other person 98 dollars leaving me with only two dollars of my own.

Here is what happens when you vote for a radical socialist fascist party.

17% of Greece´s gross domestic product goes to pension´s for the retired, and there they retire at age 55. So do the math who has to pay for those pensions for the rest of their life´s, quite a lot of money spend there.

Then there are other type of pensions, like, for people who don´t work, for disabilities, helping people buying houses, and the list goes on. So you can say that roughly 30-40$ of their gross domestic product goes into pensions. What does that mean?

That there is more money coming out than there is money going in. So no freaking wonder  this country is broke.
It´s just basic math, like you, me, and the rest of the world as individuals if we spend more than what we have what happens….broke.

Greece is lucky to have borrowed all that money, I know that for the U.S which is 17 trillion in debt ( say whaaaat?!!!) is nothing, but for Europe and for that stupid little country it is a lot. And who is paying their bills? The rest of the tax payers that reside in the European Union, that means me, that affects me directly.

Now the European bank has said ” You´re not paying back my friends Greeks, you might have invented democracy but it seems you have screwed it up over the years, so no money.” The ones that have paid more of the debt to the Greeks is Germany, President Obama Wama Wama Ohama called the president of Germany cool Angelina Merkel to say to her, to tell her, who the fuck is this guy to tell the Germans what to do with their money by the way, to not let the Greeks go completely broke. Merkel said to him ” That sounds cool and very humanitarian so are you the one who is going to pay the bills?” Then Mr. Obama said “NO!!!” and Merkel said, ” See ya”

The people there voted for this leftist party they have there, as in Spain, what it´s an old strategy from the socialist, create chaos and then come as saviors and people slowly but surely will start looking up to the government to solve their problems, and this is what I call a parasite society. So now they´re fucked and the can only fault themselves.

So Greeks, unless you don´t bring out the 300 Spartans, well…. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! or I´m going over there to rob you as you did to us, and at least get my cut back.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Well they wan´t to default and still be in the European Union, so that´s like me owing you two of your best bottles of wine without paying and still wanting to be your customer so you can give me more wine of course me without being able to pay for it. Quite shameless these guys. So yes, they got in that trouble themselves, let them default and is better if they stay out of the European Union. If not all the other countries are going to pay big time for these guys.

  1. Hi,

    Your logic cannot be faulted. Yes, the Greeks are indeed living beyond their means. But so are so many others in the world…..

    Now before you start coming to conclusions, let me offer the disclaimers that (1) I am not a Greek nor a resident there. and (2) I hold no candle.. or brief for them.

    But did you know that in the past,,many countries could develop their economies only when massive debt burdens were written off? Germany, Japan after the great war in the last century to start with… and a few others after that.

    When US takes advantage of the Dollar being the world’s default currency to keep printing dollar notes to try and get out out of it’s debt burden and kick start an ailing economy, does that also not imply ‘living beyond one’s mean’ ?



    1. You´re right about the U.S, and guess what the political tendencies of Mr. Obama are, just see his policies of bigger government and more spending and that is socialism by definition.

      Ofcourse countries can only develop their economies only when massive debt burden are paid off, the problem here is that the other European countries are the ones who are inheriting their debt, and the Greeks don´t seem if they government doesn´t change it´s policies drastically, they just won´t pay off their debt, and the rest of the countries including mine and me, will be the ones with the economic burden because of them. So I just don´t see that fair at all.

      But anyways, everyone has his or her opinion and has to be respected.

      1. Almost everything you’re being told about the Greek crisis is a load of complete nonsense.
        Here’s why.
        1. The Greeks have already tightened their belts even more than they were asked to. Since the bailout agreement five years ago, the Greek government has slashed spending, raised taxes and turned a primary government deficit (before debt interest) of 24 billion euros into a surplus of 3 billion euros. It has actually cut its debts even more than the bailout demand. No wonder the IMF itself called the austerity measures “exceptional by any standard” and hailed their “important progress” on reforms.
        2. The real problem is that the Troika’s medicine has failed. The IMF initially predicted that austerity would spark a “V-shaped” economic recovery in Greece starting in 2011, thanks to “confidence effects (and) regained market access.” No, really. Those are actual quotes from the 2010 bailout document. The IMF predicted that, by 2014, the economy would be growing by more than 3% a year. “Unemployment is projected to peak at nearly 15 percent by 2012,” it said. Oopsie. So while the Greek government has slashed its debt, the economy has simply shrunk further.
        3. The “experts” being quoted are all biased. Yes, there are lots of smart people on TV and the Internet are wagging their fingers at the Greeks right now. The problem? They pretty much all work in finance. So their focus is on things like stocks, bonds and other financial assets, not on bread-and-butter things like jobs and household incomes in places like Athens and Thessaloniki. Finance may indeed be important, but it’s certainly not everything.
        4. Greece is already in a catastrophe. My jaw drops every time another expert claims that the Greeks face economic “disaster” if they stop paying money to the troika or leave the euro. Um, what? Gross domestic product has fallen 25% in eight years. Imports have fallen by 40%. The official unemployment rate is 25%. Disaster? That’s already happened.
        5. A country cannot “generate” money by tightening its belt. Talks between the Greeks and the troika actually broke down over how far the Greek government should raise taxes or cut spending. Um, what? This is based on the fallacy of “single-entry bookkeeping.” Yet it is widely repeated, even by reputable news outlets. If a country raises taxes or cuts spending, it does not create money overall — it merely transfers it from one set of hands to another.
        6. Yes, the Greeks could relaunch the drachma quite easily. The jeremiads are totally bogus. This sort of thing has been done before — for example, in many Eastern European countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The International Monetary Fund and other international institutions helped out back then, and the transition was successful and relatively painless. If they refuse to help the Greeks, it will be a deliberate act of malice.
        7. Yes, the Greeks could be just fine without the euro. The Brits are. So are the Poles. So are the Scandinavians. And so are the Icelanders, who have recovered from the 2008 financial crisis in part because they control their own currency. Indeed, the IMF has actually admitted that Greece could have avoided such a depression if it still had the drachma and could simply devalue the currency. The idea that Greece needs the euro is rubbish.
        8. No, the Greeks didn’t cause this crisis alone. Blame the Davos Darlings who pushed their beloved “euro” project on everybody, including countries such as Greece, for whom it was unsuited. That helped inflate the big debt bubble last decade. Since then, the Davos Darlings have been pushing their patented debt cure of bread, water and gruel — to no effect. You notice the Davos Darlings aren’t foolish enough to try their own medicine. In Brussels, Frankfurt, London and Washington, the diet instead runs to Lobster Thermidor, Oysters Rockefeller and Chateau d’Yquem.
        9. Everyone should stop panicking. This crisis should be no big deal for the rest of the world. The Greek economy is about the size of Alabama’s. Markets have already written off most Greek financial assets. And the Greek crisis will only spread “contagion” if international policymakers let it. I appreciate some people like a good panic. But they should get a grip.
        10. The troika’s proposed “cures” make no sense. Should Greece reform its pension system? Should it broaden and simplify its tax base? Should it privatize the ports? Sure, OK. But none of that will help get a million people back to work, earning and spending money. You might as well try treating a gunshot wound with “diet and regular exercise.” They’re not wrong — just completely irrelevant.

      2. Your opinion is well respected. So please I would appreciate if you don´t call my opinion´s nonesense.

        Doesn´t your fingers hurt after writing such a long comment?

  2. Having all that crazy tourism business – I cannot understand how did they manage to be broke? Not even now – always! I can tell the same about Russia – with their crazy resources most of the population never got to live better than they lived in 1940s. Just a mystery!

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