Cut the crap or I will snap

but inspired
I to get kind of tired
just push the right button
you got me angrier
no bullshit, you did  unleash the bull terrier
I am a writer
tell that to my idiot the “Snider”
you don´t like what is my JOB
so fuck you
then writing
no contest
love this test
people will say this is not work
so don´t push me
or you will get hurt
I know I´m not sounding like ham
I am I just a normal man
with the good and bad
but never tell me
to me
that writing is not a job
fuck you the snob
going on one ore two rafter
I already did it
which is
I guess you can get it
I did it
so police
are a pain like my niece… ya though 😉
now another one
for a broken nose
spilling blood like a hose
telling me this is not work
or reading and taking notes
no wonder you eventually got that nose
see ya

Now, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

And tomorrow I believe  I can read you,hell why did I start a blog, forget  about the my blog, I do, believe it or not ,and if not fuck that snot, just to learn from you people, so go and go I was gonna say the peep hole, just get into internet. I am good at writting and if not…….well I do love the processing,

Stay Frosty


    1. Thank you very much, but if you can send me a good technician in computers or electricity I believe that hope will turn into action. But I like hope, we all need it I guess.
      Been long time no see Kruti, nice reading you.

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