My trigger finger

I see
I hear
You swear

I see
I heard
That you just love that down bird


Just hold on, going to vary my strong hold
you just can´t stop but scream and eventually fold
into my arms

My trigger finger it is in you, you,
screaming not dreaming
pleasure you and you beaming
my trigger finger touching your clitoris-ing

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses



  1. Don’t hold back on the literature Charly. lol. Well written actually but I LOVE how few comments there are and how many likes! 😉 Hehehe. I think that heat is getting YOU all hot mate!

    1. Well heat or no heat I´m always hot, women are my…. muses and the devil at the same time.
      Did you notice that the few comments are all from women…. that has to say something, I say again, that has to say something!!! aaaaaaa !

  2. So glad you’re cliterate
    You seem to get inspiration
    From poets slightly less literate
    Vocab: fuck, bitch cunt, ho, $$$,

    Bodies, so many bodies,
    I’ve seen more than Solomon
    who had 1,000 wives

    Sing the song of songs
    Eros is much more than twiddling a twat
    Know her soul
    And you’ll get deeper than a 6 foot dong.

    1. haha, that was good. And I do like the lines “you seem to get inspiration from poets slightly less literate”.

      I have never studied Poetry and only did a brief sting at the University in the U.S, then returned back to Spain and bounced throughout the country doing all kinds of jobs, took up writing once again two years ago and what I know about Literature or poetry is by reading you people, you´re what I call my free online university.

      So as you can imagine my vocabulary is not spectacular, great, just below average. Actually a lot of poetry I read from you guys, I have to get my dictionary out to see what in the world most of the words mean.

      And I do like writing what I have coined happy nutty, which is what you have written there. Had to smile at this comment.

      1. Thank you man, you’re quite gracious! I try to mimic authors when I do spin, but I don’t think I got yours quite down. Your lines break are very apt! I have a friend, who’s also good at that.

        Sorry that you thought I was bashing your vocab! I wasn’t actually trying to do that, I was just trying to say that when you write about sexuality and name body parts, it’s kind of more like a modern rap song than like poetry such as Song of Songs. But everyone has their own style and I liked your poem for sure!

        I’m not formally educated at Poetry either. I think life experience is more important than education, because otherwise, it’s like having a bazooka and only having mosquitos as targets

      2. No I didn´t think at all you where trashing my vocabulary, which it should be trashed by the way. I had to smile when you said that “when naming body parts, its kind of more like modern rap song” actually I listen a lot to rap, specially my idol ( I think I have a man crush) eminem, so I do tend to write and when I hear it in my own head try to mimic his style in my own head. I get some words here or there from this song or that song and then create a “poem”.

        By the way, what do you mean that my lines break very apt? I have no clue what that means.

        Really appreciate the comment.

      3. I listen to rap too. I love it! I respect Eminem a lot. My favorite rapper is Andy Mineo, you might like him.

        I mean that you choose to start new lines at interesting and good times. I can recognize it when I see it, like my friend who I reference in my first post, but I feel like I have a lot to learn about it befire it comes out well in my own writing.

      4. Sorry for the late response, I´ll check out Andy MIneo.
        And I got you know, I didn´t even notice I changed lines at interesting and good times. That was a nice compliment. And I had no clue or did I rationalise and said “now I´m going to change from this to that” it just comes out that way.

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