The F challenge

The F challenge was given to me by the great…..(drum roll) ta ta ta En l’accent Français (s’il vou plait) | Graeme Sandford

who in return was given to him by another great writer The F-Challenge (thank you Erika Kind) | House of Heart who in return was given to her by…..just kidding.

So I have to write a five line poem with each line starting and ending with, guess what, an F. So here we go !

Finally I found my faith
Faking it was not to make fame
Failure was not an option for my frame
Fair was there to share at my face
Faith got the best of my grace factor-ace

So the challenge goes that
1) you thank the person

2) You do the challenge of the 5 lines starting with a word F and ending it with a word F

3) Keep the link of the original creator of the F challenge so they get a pingback ( I have no clue what´s a pingback but sounds kind of cool)

4) It´s open to anyone

5) nominate 7 people.

I do have a problem with the nomination part since you all write much better than me, I don´t feel qualified to choose this person over another so whoever wants to do it, well just do it and if not….. I´ll throw you snot ! Have a great start of the week people and Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



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