The anecdote

The anecdote is
how little did I wrote
I spend a week
quite a little meek
lost in weather seasons
I have to wake up
falling in the rain
getting  back up in pain
to fight
the dark night

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses



      1. Maybe one day we shall encounter one another. Maybe we will collide and combine, absorb into and morph together, to become, a super, super motherfucker!

    1. I shall stay frosty, just one low day. I guess I´m not superman. Thank you Mr. Standford.
      About words…I think words is the only thing that keeps me sort of sane, gives me life, writing has become like air for me.

  1. Is there a dog war out here…. that makes my mane stands in fear of you.But, seriously hope this war ends and everyone will make amends. Hope things get better of you.

    1. Just a bit been bruised, just takes me about a day at most to get back up. I have developed over the years since quite a lot of years a tendency to not let someone or something put me down, the longer you stay down the harder to get back up. So maybe for a day I can be a bit low and today….waaaaabum! I´m the dog of war again 😉
      Remember, the longer you stay down the harder to get up, so no staying down more than half a day or a whole day at the most, works for me at least.

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