The dog of war

He just woke up
after one day of fucked up
now you be scare
he will dare
to make you a sweet cup cake
so you can drown on some lake
you thought you had put him down
well, well, just one day he did stay
now bouncing back
reeking havoc
you just woke up again the dog of war
so fuck you you can´t score no more
or this time he will really make sure to smack you down so you won´t get back up
in his war

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. You have no idea how I can become…..aaaaaaaaa! That was a scream to scare you.
      By the way, you do like to read my comment to Kruti. Hey ! You´re on her book, Zee will become the best bestseller while she gives you a massage ,I always forget the name of what you study, but it does sound better “massage woman”, you´ll probably get more clients into your clinic if you put that name on the door 😉

      1. Haha, yess I love stalking people. If I wasn’t doing this massage thing I’d be a well renown stalker/serial killer ! 😉

        And Thank you. you yourself are mentioned in the book too, so don’t be so humble ! 😉

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