The man in black

While he was walking on some dark track,
hiding his back from a passing train on the railway track .
He was walking alone,
with no overtone.
Suddenly he turned and shot him dead,
right in the temple of his damn head.

As he smirked he tied his black necktie,
he just shot his shadow who wanted for him to be swallowed…
and chewed up
then spit out
to leave in in a drought
of doubt


He had survived
so he could be revived

He was…..The man in black

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Jesus…what´s with you people and the abbreviations. People always abbreviate to me words or put up strange creepy yellow faces….you people are lazy

      2. If I start writing more than a phrase or an abbreviation (abbv.) I feel that I should be writing an epicurean poem – so, short and sweet it is – but, I shall bear in mind charlypriest’s dislikr of abbreviations (abbvs.) and smiling (or otherwise) faces of an iriental hue.

        Graeme (smiling and yet still busy, not really lazy. Just up to 5 hours into my shift and lunch may be a little while away yet.

        Is that better?

      3. Not that I don´t like them, I don´t understand them. 5 hours working….and on wordpress too, you don´t have a supervisor then? 😉 there you go a creepy yellow face.
        Well, on your lunch brake as my mother always said to me( I think it was her) eat salad, drink milk, and don´t cut yourself with scissors……

  1. I wrote an email to you in spanish… you really don’t want to miss that!…
    Hope your fine and…que tengas un buen dia!!

      1. Don´t open sounds like it may explode….
        Dear Mr Priest…you need to stop subscribe on every blog…you drown in posts…
        Have a nice evening…I wait a couple of days and I send you a new letter! It wasn not important

      2. I just did, I was down to 50 after deleting 5652 posts I had in the freaking inbox, and I can only delete 25 at a time so you can imagine that my eyes are going completely off the charts right now. And you where down down there at number 50!!

      3. I got your email! I just replied so I hope I’m number 1 right now!
        Thank you for your effort!!

      4. ….. I already send money to that number and it’s not yours…..
        Have a great evening and keep up your great writing

      5. By the way…nr 666 gladly takes from others…
        You are a giver…
        And I’m pretty sure that you rather die before let anyone even pay an ice cream for you…you spanish proud men!!!!!

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