Merchant of death

i´m the merchant of death with my rhymes against humanity
terotottering between brilliance and insanity
hovering over those I deem undignified
latter chaining them to the red blooded tide
they have no place to hide
i´m the merchant of death…..
so take a deep breath

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Haven’t been here a week, so it is like reading a book of your poetry. Glad you are in a fighting mood, true to yourself 🙂 Peace and smiles sent your way

    1. Holy, appreciate the compliment but if I sound like those nutcases….then I guess I accomplished what the creative part of writing, then I´ll give a call to my old army buddy friends and maybe just maybe they let me into the army again at age 32 with a bad back and broken ankle and pancreatitis and bad liver and go kill some of those idiots. I can still hold, aim, and shoot pretty well. So that should be enough.

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