Challenge !! Challenge !! of quotes

It was originally and is still is for that mater the 3 day quote challenge meaning to put up one quote every day for 3 days but since I´m to cool too go to school and too cool to follow the rule, well I decided to put 3 days quote challenge into a one day 3 quotes. This challenge was giving to me by the great A Challenge: 3 Day-3 Quote challenge…Day One | the hut owner blog, I will say I have my doubts he really lives in a hut, but living in a hut or not I appreciate of him thinking of this crazy guy over here a.k.a me, to giving me this challenge and fun entertainment. So here we go!

” If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal not to people or things ”  By the brainy Albert Einstein.

“Stop bitching around so much, just get the job done and solve the problem, that´s what people want from you and you might even get a promotion in your job.” By the great… ME.

“Life is not fair, so find happiness with what you´ve got.” Again by the great…ME !

The rules of the challenge is to put a one quote for 3 days, thank the person that gave you the challenge and then give it to 3 other more people. So here are 3 people if they want to take it.

georgeforfun | A great site

Life Confusions | “I Will Find Words, Smith them Down. For Love Is Infinite And So Are They.”

Gentle Kindness | Because We All Have a Unique Voice that Needs to be Heard

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Hi Charlie. I like your idea of writing your own. I might throw in one of my own also 🙂
    The last time I did this quote challenge, I tried to be a little bit funny but I used some dark humor that seemed to offend a few people,,,yet others thought it was funny…Go Figure !
    My guess is that you will appreciate my humor better than some people did. I think I scared at least one person off from my blog ….

    1. I think maybe you have to have been in an abusive relationship on order to understand the post I wrote. Also people are used to me being sweet and they do not hear my dark humor side very often. I actually was laughing my head off when I wrote that….

    2. Screw people, if you offend someone so be it. It´s your blog, it´s your thoughts and last time I checked we live in a free world so write whatever you want.
      I´ll check the link out later on.

  2. i wanted to burst into laughter when i read your post. Until i finished typing this piece, my face was aching due to uncontrollable grin when i read about your doubts whether i live in a hut or not. ha,ha,ha! Well, I don’t. I also have my doubts whether you’re a priest or not. Certainly, you’re not. 🙂 :-)… lol…Anyway, thank you very much for doing the challenge which i know quotes # 2 and 3 are intended for you. Those were great quotes, greater than Albert Einstein’s. I salute you for the job well done. Finally, thank you again, my friend! Cheers!

    1. Well I´m not an ordained priest but it´s my world so I say I truly am a priest 😉

      And you do live in a hut, or at least just let me believe my own delusions…

      It was a fun challenge, and yes numbers 2 and 3 are ones that I have obviously adopted in my life, learned them since I was quite young. People don´t want to hear “I couldn´t do this because of X Y and Z” they want results. And the other one, well having lived quite a harsh life and still is not like I´m out in the middle of La la land, well you do have to find happiness with what you got around you.

      Glad you had a laugh, cheers and have a great day.

      1. sorry to hear that you’ve live a harsher life than me…i’m just curious, why were you not ordained? I have a brother who studied in a seminary but was kicked out because be always jumped out of the high fence of the seminary… was caught smoking…and other offenses…
        I think you’re more straight than him. thanks for your time’s a pleasure! 🙂

      2. I doubt I´m more straight than your brother, I lived a harsh life because I choose to, I made bad decisions so I have nobody to point a finger except towards me.

        About the Priest thing, I just figured since the blog was going to be called Crazy Life I might as well give me some crazy name and Priest was a good contrast with the crazy things that I write. I do have an ironic sarcastic dark humour.

        Take care and have a great day my friend.

    1. I´m that original, why quote others when I have my own set of quotes from my life you know? life of confusions, which you confuse me now so here is another quote
      “never let anybody confuse you”

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