I´m an outlaw strange

Beyond the normal boundaries I ride,
I take things that I want that is not mine, then I jump on a bull ride
so I can take a stroll, up with a stripper on her pole
then I pay, cause I won´t stay-much, that is such. After the stripper
I go off and rob a dove, I hate those things, they have no purpose
I just shoot them after I rob´em. Then I go and see my dog, who by the
way has just eaten a frog, hate frogs, they have no purpose they just go
“glup glup glup” annoying so I shout for them to be destroying.
And this my friends, is the life of an outlaw strange.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. What´s the purpose of a frog? Make funny noises and once in a while eat some insects, plus nobody out there eats frogs….actually we do, the humans. But not my type of meat so I find them unpurpusable ( I have just invented a new word for my upcoming debut dictionary called “Charly´s World” )

      1. Umm I think the word you were looking for was “Purposeless” , use a dictionary, there is no need to invent more words.

        People in China, japan , Korea etc they eat them , which is Eww by the way !

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