The Poet and the rapper

Moon shining above the clear black sky


The village people ask themselves
while they trim the carnations on the shelves
shelves of dark oak wood
shelves that reminded them of everything in life that is good

Moon shining above the clear black sky, in enters…..

The almighty
so nasty
gonna eat your pastry
see ya, believe in me ya he´s the master rapper
that becomes their pastor
spouting words for them to believe
destroying is what he wants to achieve
achieve the destroying
destroying is his thing
is the rapper capturing
the poet in his rafter 

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


      1. I don´t even know what I write…. so Pasty is paste? Well then the character eats paste, makes it even more weird, the blog is called Crazy Life and my last name is priest so no wonder I write without even editing or really making much effort to know the freaking words that I write.
        Now pastie is…fuck, I just went to the urban dictionary and the definition is “glue on nipples” That Greame….

      2. You´re too much……my head is already spinning.
        I stay with the glue on nipples and period, kind of sexy I myself might try it ,though not on me

      1. You actually pointed out the last post I think it was or the last before that one the one titled….something about the “know”,so I looked it up later on and you where right, I did spell the last sentence kooow, forgot the n there. Hey, what can I say, it´s EXTREME creativity

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