50 word story: sinking in the river of bourbon

Lost in a flood of Bourbon he sinks, he drinks but it seems the flood water levels never go down.
Quite the contrary, he´s now sinking more in them, they pull him down
and he can feel he´s chocking, no air, just despair.
Suddenly a revelations….. swim or die !

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. I did steal this idea from this man Richard Ankers | The Writings, but compared to his
writings it seems I have a looong and looong way to go. But was fun.
And it really has 50 words!!


      1. It is a compliment. ‘A gem’ is valuable – beautiful – has many angles to reveal it s beauty and its flaws make it ever more beautiful – especially when the light shines on or through it to be seen as the magnificent treasure it is. ❤ Bit like you dear. (and the piece of writing)

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