The bandit

Riding on his black horse
through the dark prairies of chastising
The bandit feels no remorse
while steeling flower prairies while the sun is rising

Riding in his black horse
flowers are starting to bloom
The bandit can feel the force
over him he feels a loom


pen and paper
are the maker
stealing ideas
for his diarrheas

The bandit of words
making human specimens make their amends
Knowing that the word flow
will make them fly like a crazed bird not so slow

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses



      1. Well disgrace is my middle name that´s for sure, but couldn´t it be you who steals and then give it to the poor….always has to be me doing the big lifting, I´m tired !!! You do it now, what I steal I keep for me and only me.

    1. Thank´s, I do seem to have a problem in writing serious, I have no clue why but I try and at the end it turns into some crazy nutty thing…….maybe is me!! I´m the nutty one

      1. Well, your blog is called CRAZY LIFE. Coincidence? I don’t think so! 😉
        Haha, no seriously. I think it’s great and absolutely refreshing, I’m always looking forward to seeing you pop up in my reader. Your words give me great pleasure and make me smile. And in my opinion writing crazy, nutty, funny things is much much harder than writing just something “dull” and serious. Keep doing what you’re doing, because let me tell you, that you’re doing an excellent job Sir! Be well! 😉

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