You can run but you can´t hide from the evil fisherman

*Disclaimer: This photo was taken when it was around 110 degrees, so no shirts in my country, man…that´s a lot of hair now that I´m actually looking at the photo*

You think you´re big and tough
no way Jose, I had you with one cuff.
You running, wiggling around,
but I heard your sound. I´m faster,
smarter; a hound dog that jumped at you
like a frog and snatch you in my mouth.
I feel no pity for you, yes you, doing the
scuba doo, gotcha ! Now I´m going to eat ya,
in a nice….plate? Forget about that, I´m too hungry
and fat.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I spear them….. Actually I have no clue why people find fishing interesting. You sit there in silence for hours and hours on end and then have a little battle to catch one fish. And they actually call that sport. I just don´t get it. Much easier going to the supermarket, point the finger at whatever you want and let the other guy behind the counter rap it up

  1. Charlie you are wonderful funny and your poetry wants to cook fish for my tummy. I love the cute picture as such an elixir.

    Hamburger is great but fishes are better.
    Go catch me one quick and I’ll mend your old sweater.

    My rhymes are quite silly but I know they’ll make you smile.

    As long as I can stop them before a little while. Or maybe I will talk this way for the duration. Of this very sunny day and be in sweet elation.

    Poetically silly,

    1. I forgot to put on that day my dental prothesis….. just a little slip up. What can I say, I´m not all that perfect. I´m almost perfect but still not 100% I´ll say about 95% perfection.

      1. No, he does give me a call once in a while to listen to my deep thoughts. Which eventually he speaks it to the world as if was his idea, nobody knows it came from me. But that´s o.k, I´m saving humanity and nobody knows. I´m just a humble humanitarian

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