Invisible people

I think there´s people out there that nobody think of
what a turn off, makes me want to cough.
But,  I also think that those exact people are the ones
daughters and sons, who think of the impossible
making it possible.

The ones, that everybody think are crazy
The ones, everybody think they are eccentric
The ones… that are actually right saying that

But, I still believe;

Those type of people out there that nobody think of
are eventually the ones who think of making the impossible possible.

They are the invisible people, who would have though they could
would or even should.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. This is beautiful 💕💕💕
    I love your second line… I thinks it’s funny😆
    But overall great message💜

    1. Thank´s,
      I just can´t help it, even when trying to convey a serious message I just have to write a bit “funny” or with a spark of
      funny-light interjected in the seriousness.
      Just strange me….

      1. That’s awesome… I love it. I do it sometime but it’s so subtle you have to pay attention to catch it. Or I might make serious of light matters and vice versa…

      2. I like to play with that, plus the blog is named Crazy Life and the pen name is Charly Priest….sort of goes with the theme, to make serious points but with some ironic-funny-making a bit of light matters of serious ones and also viceversa

    1. Thank´s a lot, but as I always tell people when they nominate me, for me the best award is that actually people would read my nutty writing. Again, really appreciate that you would think of me out of all the other great writers you included amongst them.

      1. 🙂 🙂 No problem my friend.. just keep going with your great, beautiful, inspiring works… thank you.. 🙂 🙂 that’s because you are really eligible for the nomination…

      2. And you too keep on writing, I do enjoy reading you and to be honest….I do steal some ideas here and there from you, actually from quite a lot of you poets, I´m… ideas thief!!

      3. Haha… lol… no problem… i get inspired from any work i read, and write, so it is also a kinda stealing na.. you calling me poet…!!! Great.. i can receive no other honor than this.. maybe you are the first one to call me a Poet.. Thank you… 🙂

    1. Well thank God I have that seal of approval, by the way could it come with, about 10 thousand bucks. I do need the money, and I promise I won´t use it for bad things….I think

    1. Thank´s for the compliment, and yes they are brave. Actually people can´t change who they are so might as well embrace it instead of pounding your head against the wall. And believe in yourself and what you are doing when everybody around you says you´re nuts and that is not going to work, that is truly being brave and certainly determined. Which I think that one can´t coexist without the other.
      So I´m frosty and gentle……. I like that.

      1. Very frosty and gentle response, Charly. Sometimes people label something as “bad” or “wrong” when it is completely harmless, because it’s scary to change their minds. As for determination, in my experience, people come around after we continue to believe in ourselves and what we do. xo

      2. Well actually the first response that came to mind was to say thank you and that with all the compliments….marry me !! 😉

        Yes, I agree one hundred percent with what you say.

      1. Yep, I saw it. You´re not all that beautiful though, the only time I fall down is when I see my beauty in the mirror……actually you are hot ! hottie di hot hot yeeehaaa! 😉

      2. Actually I was a bit surprised that with that angel of a face you can be a psychopath….. the devil comes in all shapes….. kind of scary actually

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