Here and there
I wonder and stare
Nothing to bound me
Nothing to force me
Just noting, Home?



    1. I guess my home is wherever I´m at, sort of like a nomad. I never had the feeling to attach home to a specific person, so hope everything goes well. Quite amazing what human beings can do if they put their effort into overcome things. I did read your last post, about depression and not being able to get out of bed. In my opinion and I have gone through quite some rough patches and still are to come in the near future I might add, is that you have to push yourself, get the hell out of bed and do ten pushups or go for a job, just move do something. I know it´s easier said than done, but if I have done it I´m pretty sure you can do it.

      1. Yeah, I’ve had depression all my life, so I know the drill. I think if you were to see me in life, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell because I’m pretty high functioning, despite my current overall mood. Thanks for the encouragement. I wish you well especially through the rough patches.

    1. Thank´s Diana, actually I do agree with you just in my case since I´ve bouncing from place to place pretty much throughout my life. But I would also like to have my own place that I could call my home.

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