absolutely no clue what to write plus I´m bored

No clue what to write in that little short story I was in,
so I decided to screw it and now begin, to… do
the Scooby Doo!
Silly Silly is willy nilly
I´m bored
I didn´t score-yesterday
so now is today
my way
get the hell out of this house
kill a mouse….
I hate PETA
I hate…I just hate, I´m the hater
they call me the alligator
or fornicator? Forgot which one.
Damn, I´m bored……just in case somebody wanted to know
say, wow wow! put your hands up in the air
I love Tony Blair…… damn, this was a random post

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Nothing to write and you create this humorous cutie! Well, I already know what awesomeness your mind creates when it ‘has something to write’ 😉
    Take care, H 😃

      1. Then we will have to learn to fake our laughingasms. 🙂 so we won’t have to pay for the multiple laughs 😉
        Just the 5 dollar rate.

        But seriously…..no I really don’t have a serious side right now. Just insomnia overtired silliness and having laughagasms reading your posts.

        There! Maybe I helped your boredom with my anniedom.


      2. You and I could make our own dictionary of words we invent LOL
        Which of the words I invented did you like better?

        I was joking with my friend Blahpolar on a post on the Birth of a New Brain blog (that is Dyane’s blog) and I said that there should be emoticons for bipolar.

        I suggested that they would be called either bipolacons or bipolarcons …actually maybe bipolemoticons.

        I like inventing words and I like when you invent words and use them in your posts. Words were invented by people. We are just as good as the people who invented the other words 🙂

        So what is your verdict on the laghagasms or laughingasms ?

      3. I approve of those words, and please no more emoticons !! First I have no idea how people can learn another type of language I only know that if I press this two keys it will appear this- 🙂 and if I press these other two it appears this 😉 apart from that I have no clue of more and actually those yellow faces….they creep me out

      4. I can see how you find them creepy, You and I did not grow up with these emoticons, cell phones, dvd players or even VHS video players. I still remember black and white tv. We did not get a color tv till I was about 13 I think.

        You do good making the smiles with the keys on the keyboard. The kids use the ones that are right on their smart phone. They do not type in any punctuation marks to get them. From the cell you can send hearts and things. I will send you one sometime from my cell phone.

        But you are right about the yellow faces LOL

      1. If you read my about page, I do say that I have an ironic-sarcastic-dark sense of humour that can be insulting to some and funny to others. So if I where you I wouldn´t take what I say too seriously, not even I take myself too seriously. First thing in the morning I roll on the floor laughing when I see myself in the mirror.

        Charly sounds good, so I will call you Srishti which by the way is a beautiful name. Where is it from or where are you from?

      2. Umm, it wasn’t insulting nor humorous. And I wasn’t taking anything seriously. 🙂
        It was just a healthy conversation. And yeah I didn’t read your about page. 😛
        About my name, it’s a Hindi word meaning the world or Earth. I am Indian. 🙂

      3. I have met quite a few of people from India through wordpress, all names have meaning….which is quite nice really.
        So hello my new Indian friend, saying hello from the land of the wild bulls, others just call it Spain, but I find that boring.

        Have a great day Srishti, here is 2:30 p.m and is time for me to prepare something to eat before my stomach really starts speaking

  2. I am just sending a plague of emoticons to bug you 😇🐇🐇🐇😘💕👻🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇
    The bunny is my favorite. I know I am a girly girl.
    Part angel and part devil

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