Tired of bitching about being bullied

I have been bullied ….
what is for some it´s nothing for one
now we have internet bullying
man, has to be crushing if a faceless person starts with stupid gushing.
Bullies in school,
that´s not cool,
just say what?
and give them a smack later on take their snack.
Most people I believe are quite clueless as to what is being bullied,
I´ve been pissed on, insulted in every type of manner,
hit with degrading words like a hammer, smacks up and down, and I could go on…..
and that was just a fraction
to what ultimately they wanted to build into my reaction
yes army days those where the names
tough, mean bastards, which 75% of the men
I wouldn´t buy a hen with them outside base
but in the end, when the real job came we knew together we´d embrace
whatever it came our end with violent grace.
So bulling….
quite relative actually, for some is a lot to take for others is just easy to brush
it off and make their way.
But I´m tired of the society, or  politicians or groups, to call basically anything
that makes a person uncomfortable or feel bad, call it bullying.
I call it life singing, get a pair of balls, make some calls,to your heart
and mind, say never mind and just…..shake it off, since life is tough.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. I´m o.k thank you, I was just making the statement that people and the news, seems to call everything being bullied, bullied at work, bullied at school, bullied at the university and then they come out with these cases when young kids have committed suicide because of the “bullying”, yes it is tragic of course, but those cases are very very few maybe a 2% if that. For me is not being bullied, for me is just life. You´ll find good people and bad people and you will be tested, so my point is to just to face it and do something about it. You can always, always influence the situation that´s in front of you.

  1. I was going to bitch about being bullied again, too. But I deleted the rant. I checked myself and made sure the bully didn’t have a case. I feel better after that. My focus needs to be on myself first and foremost. Some people suck but they can choose not to. I wish they would. Great post.

    1. Just don´t pay them attention. I myself just don´t pay them attention I don´t let them get to me. Plus the truth is that a quite an early age I realise that if I knocked out the captain of the football team while he was harassing me, he wouldn´t do it again, and if he did it he knew he was in for a good fight. So at times, in my opinion you do have to meat violence with overwhelming violence by your part. Although I don´t recommend it, learned the lessons while in jail. So better to avoid them, or stand up to them but without the physical threat.
      And now at my age and what I´ve been through in life, they just can´t push me around. Just ain´t happening because they do know what I´m capable of if they push the wrong buttons.

      1. I know what you mean. I know how to put down a detractor in a non violent way. It’s just that it pains me to have to listen to their nonsense in the first place. Then, I realise that it is better for me to be humble and not defend myself, as any acknowledgement will validate their nonsense.

    2. Those people do SUCK SUCK SUCK and have nothing better to do. It must be nice to have so much extra time on your hands to harrass people.

      But I would be able to find better things to do with extra time.

      But don’t worry Sabiscuit, you can still post a rant if you want to. We all need to rant sometimes.

      Bullies suck and they should have grown up by now.

      Good post by Charlie. He has had a hard and sucky road but he comes out on top because he does not give in or give up.

      We love Charlie the Priest 🙂

      1. He is amazing, GK. We all support him because of what he’s been able to overcome through force of will. Thank you for your support as well. We’re all stronger together.

      2. You people are too kind. I just survived, I´m just a survivor like many other people. And there are people out there in much worst situations, I´ve seen it and I do remind myself once in a while that if those people the life´s they had and have to live and they still have a smile on their faces and still keep their head up, well why not me. It´s just life, and better live it to the fullest and be as happy as you can be because life is quite fragile and you never know when it will end.

    3. It is so true….we are all stronger together. It is a blessing to be able to connect with people who have seen the dark side of humanity.

      I am glad for the people that have not had to see it but those people cannot really understand us. There is a very dark side to humanity as you know.

      Once you look it in the eyes….and sleep with it….there is no going back. Just insanity unless you can find someone to talk to.

      I am glad so many people love Charlie. He is lovable after all,,,with those big silly dogs and the funny pictures of eating raw fish, And the wonderful poems with words that are invented. He always can make me smile 🙂

  2. I agree with you. I believe that some of the problems with this subject is due to generation gap and the media placing hype on the subject. I remember when I was wrapped in a barbed wire fence and wiped with a cow whip way back when, I survived as did you, I worked out in the fields that were ten hour days and the water truck showing up on the fourth hour. We grew up tougher, we learned to fend and stand up for ourselves. Lessons of knowing when to be the bigger person and when to release the hounds of hell so to speak. We grew up with the rhyme sticks and stones may break my bones but word will never harm me. This rhyme was used to teach us to ignore the taunting and walk away. Different times we live in these days.

    1. We certainly live in different times indeed. For example if I would tell my father that I was feeling low wanted to change schools because kids taunted me and I felt miserable the man who grew up in real poverty after the civil war here in Spain, would just look at me and just say “you got to keep going”. More of an order than anything else. At a pretty early age I decided to stand up for myself, and that meant getting into fistfights, which now a days they would probably send the kids to jail. So yes, very different time, from the generation of my parents, to my generation and this new millenium generation that it seems that a lot of them are being born and growing up with a silver spoon, not that they are super rich, but just average middle class also.
      Life is hard, you obviously know it having told me just that bit of your childhood and it´s up to you, the individual to use that as a tool, toughen up, and have the street smarts and book smarts to live your life, a happy life knowing that it is tough but that doesn´t take away that you can´t be happy.

    2. The times are different. Some of the younger generation is very self absorbed and has a feeling of entitlement to things that we had to work our asses off for.

      They want them handed to them on a silver platter and get indignant when they are told “no” or ” you need to do it yourself.

      1. Charly, life is tough enough as you know well. I don’t say that one has to become a bully, but one has to be taught to face difficulties and resolve situations. 🙂

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