Better come ready for battle

They say I´m a writer
I´m the cool giggy mighter
might, that´s right you go and sight
just become ready for battle
is my ultimate struggle
staking ammunition
that is your perdition
ultimate rendition
screw you
so better screw drive this
till you say “haaa!” and piss
no battle I can´t overcome
none, I´m the ultimate super-nun.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. You use word “Screw” and “Screw drive” a lot.
    P.S I’m already imagining you in a Nun outfit and that thing on your bald head, that picture in my head is pretty hilarious !

      1. Good question! Accord: the act of being in harmony. The Church is called to be in one accord, like a great snow that covers the mountain in pure white, not one snow flake is the same as the other all being diverse yet it is one snow that covers the mountain it is the same with the church all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus having diversities in Gifts covering the earth in the Love of Christ Jesus, Amen. Love you Nutcase, James 😍

      1. I m a bit of a trolodite with the social media so what in the world does LOL means, cause I have seen it in comments a lot and never asked, and I can’t ask to the people around me since this bastards don’t even know how to get into the internet. I just the cool kid on the block, suckiing a…. sock.
        Might be over the top that is how I roll with my bedroom on top.
        Seee….I should be a rapper LOL

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