For you mom !

Look at you mom!
this one is for you
first off, I do love you
although I know I do screw up to me and you
but hold on mom……
i did go to the prom
no, it was not a with a nun
but you know the gun ho boy!
he will be when the time needs the coy
cause I´m a cowboyyyyy!!!!
love ya
all ways be there with ya
I will outsmart ya……doubt that one,
but you do know I´m still not done
cause I do have to win
the big one

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Did your Mom see this one? Does she read your blog?
    I am just hanging out here with the bunny running around my bedroom….no you can’t eat him. You can catch me a fish instead.
    Mom’s usually like me but I ended up stuck with a narcissist ex mother in law who still torments me.
    Your mom is probably better.

    I saw you wrote a post a long while ago that you thought maybe your mom was reading your blog. But the mystery was never solved.

    Here comes the bunny….jealous I am not paying attention to him. …gotta go …love, annie

    1. Hi Annie,actually she does read it. She prefers reading the comments since she finds it more funny than my own writing plus her English is not very good so she has to go every now and then, more now than then to google translator.

      My mother is quite the character, I did write some post long time ago with some about some of her little “things” she has, like telling me to bring her sand when I called to tell her I was being deployed. Little things like that, I like to call her Mama “Rambo” Priest. Tough as nails, loving at the same time, tough love that is, and the humour….it´s ironic sarcastic and actually funny. She´s a persons people, she can read you in a second, quite scary and she actually does know me probably better than I know myself which of course I will never know because she can play me like a twiddle. Just good old Charly´s mom.

      Bunny, bunny…. have you ever tasted rabbit meat? It´s freaking delicious. I even fantasise about eating a leg out of my dog, people think I´m nuts but come on! It´s just one leg and they have four. 😉

      Take care of bunny before I arrive…..

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