Sweet dream are made of….

I dream I want to kill you
then chew on your blood
I dream you drown on a flood,
your own doing
for being a harmful narcissist psychopathic crazy being
sweet dreams are made of death
carrying you down through the river of your last breath,
Not really, actually it´s just a willy nilly for my head you silly.
Sweet dreams are made of forgiveness, in your case that is
which is, you´re not worth a dime at the end of the day
for me you can not,  as you try as much, you can´t be benign
that dime? Out the window to play a bingo

So yes, sweet dreams are made of forgiveness
which thankfully leaves you in a far memory distance.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. I don´t know emoticons or emeticons or whatever you call them, I just know how to write this one 😉 and this other one 🙂
      but I can write words, so……thank´s and high five!!!

    1. Don´t know about the wise part, although I do have quite the ability to put things in a little box inside my head and not open it, only if I want to and that is quite rare for the most part. I just find it useless to think about unproductive things.

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