West Point Cadets Pillow fight!!!!

No No, I can´t bare this
a freshman bliss, turned out to be with
30 injured future officers of the military
that is freaking scary. My guess, since they where
freshman, o man! Some of the older guys would have put
some hard objects inside the pillows for this subjects to
fight, for what is right, first year of graduation with a lot
of dedication for their nation and they get concussion and bruises,
Terrible, terrible!!! How can the army let that happen it seems to me
almost unbearable- Fuck that shit !
What a joke, it´s army not an NGO you media ho. This 18 year olds
are being trained to fight not with pillows but eventually with guns
so their no nuns, and more important to lead soldiers in combat
little soldiers that are a bit of a brat, you have to be when in those situations
saving other nations…. or just yourself and your guys.

In my army days, I was pissed on, fistfights and smacks was my daily snacks
because is not civilian life, it´s a life of great strife, and is a right of passage
where you will be picked on and then you will pick on the other new guys
so when we all go out and say to our family our by by´s, we know we have that
bond, that for civilians is hard to think is fond, specially if the guy next to you
had pissed on you,but it is. Like a gang-but legal, a well oiled machine that
is about to put all it´s pieces to do the ultimate thing. Fight, kill, accomplish mission-
hopefully survive, and the get back to a semi normal life.

No time for pussies, if the media or civilians can´t handle the atrocity of a prank
where they inserted blunt objects into pillows for a pillow fight for these young men
to run around like a wild hen, and “fight” with pillows!!!! Get some bruises,
then there are no excuses when they lead soldiers into combat and see the real
atrocities that is combat, with all it´s cool amenities-of death, not bruises from
pillow fights.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. It´s true, no place for the faint of heart. I more than respect other professions, I know not everybody is able to mentally adapt to the profession I was talking about, actually a very small percentage of the population, but it is a necessary one as much as people find some of the things (and they actually don´t know s…t what really goes on in tough infantry units) a bit over the top, I understand is civilians and soldiers who actually are in combat, it´s just a whole other universe.

      1. Cannot disagree with you. I know a man who has made a good few rounds to Iraq with his dog. He is a soft speaking man who doesn’t swear without a very good reason, yet he is a rock inside. And he treasures friendship. It is not for everyone, but it is necessary to learn some things in a hard way, because there is no other way.

      2. There is all kinds of people in the military, as well as there are all kinds of people in civilian world. If you´re talking guy and guy´s I knew who their job was to go alone and dissactivate an ecplosive so we could carry on, I do know them and the first time it happened to me eye the only thing I said to my 4 guys I was in charge was this………… nothing, I do remember one of them say and excuse my french ” que pedazo huevos” I do remember that, which translates to ” what a pair of balls this guy has” first time us, the spaniard´s worked with the guys called in inglish ” EOD”. basically the guys who knew about explosives and how to first see them, though the rest of us had a par in it, and also detonate the explosive. Having said this shit, I´m out, for now, long time in the past time

      3. That’s right. And he has a poster on his wall – about 20 photographs of his friends who never came back. His wife died when he was overseas, they were on telephone when she was dying. He was earning money to cover her treatments. These people are the ones I respect the most, and so I think of you. He came home and had the courage to take care of his 4 children. Then he went overseas again – the bills had to be paid. Now he is home, he met a wonderful woman, a widow, and got married again. He is not much older than you, Charly. I know you will be all right.

      4. Well this guy is some sort of hero, not for the military stuff, but for what he´s endured in his private life. I´m fine now. It´s way way in the past the military thing. And if I think about it, it´s sort of like watching a movie, seems quite unbelievable to me that I did what I did. It´s just in the past, plus I can talk about it now making fun of it, in some strange dark way.

      5. It is why I though I could share these things. I think you are already strong enough to talk it. You have already moved on with your life, and in a right direction I might say 🙂 Not everyone did it, so you too are a hero, for many of your peers, and not only.

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