New York Woman

She walked with amazing grace
Long legs that made heads turn

Her name was Yvette
Who made men heads burn

She was the woman in red heels
Who walked the streets of New York

Read heels matched her blond hair
And when men saw her couldn´t help but pop the wine cork

She one day talked with an ugly bald man
The rest of them thought he must be rich

The bald man had confidence
And also the ability of a good pitch

One day they both disappeared
Never to be heard again

The rest of the men in New York where in disarray
But really they true word for them was to be in pain

Blue ocean and white sand
They both sipped on a beer

Tired of the city
They now lived in a hut while hunting deer

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Indeed, although it sucks being broke. But yes, money is not everything and you can be happy without having much. But…..does help to have some dough in the bank for my happiness

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