I chew bubble gum and kick ass problem is…

I´m a tough mother-eker
And they call me the midnight worker
Give me freedom or give me death
Fighting till my ultimate breath
Prefer to die on my feet than to live on my knees
And not hear life breeze
I have walked through the valley of death
And I was not high on meth
But yes on adrenaline
That beautiful feminine
one day came,
I´m the type that chews bubble gum and kick ass
I freaking ran out of bubble gum!!!
End game. Others now take the torch.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. I found your line inspiring today…”I’d rather live on my feet than die on my knees”
    You are right , of course. I need to find my feet. I forgot where I left them but you have inspired me too look for them.

    I am tired of living on my knees at the mercy of others who would watch me suffer and die. Screw them. I will let you know about the feet. I suspect they must be there. It has been a while.

    Much love,

    1. Glad I served as inspiration.
      It´s all in the mind really. I actually have a name for it, when you go through struggles in life and you get out of them but there is still residual from the past in your brain, well you do what I call “mind shift”, comes easier to some people than to others. Just put the past aside, and concentrate all your effort in what is the present and what you think is important for you and the rest….well I just put it in some box in my head a lock it up. I got pretty good at it.

      1. In Spain there´s a saying “You don´t have a grandma right?” Is usually said to people that are constantly saying how great they did this or that or how good they look all by themselves to themselves …..you narcissist!!!

      2. Well, literally that is true since both of them are dead.
        But I´m not a psycho narcissist and I will add to the mix a sexist pervert…… that was off the top, well just a psycho narcissist 😉
        By the way, any news from your neighbour form the country that´s next to your left, that is if you look at the map when it´s in front of you, it´s to your left! That country.

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