The best love poem everrrrr!!

A love note to….someone I guess.

Roses are red
violets are blue
can I screw you?

I love your personality,
who are we kidding that is not the reality.

I love your laughter
who´s your daddy master?!!!

I love your ass
reminds me of my rifle brass
hot hot!
after I fired one shot.

I love your breasts
reminds me when I did good on my math tests,
since you have to study them hard to pass
pass into my pants ass

Am I cookoo?
yeah, for you!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Then gravity is boring, and is only 9:45 a.m here in the land of the wild bulls, the day is just starting, wait till I fully get waken up, it´s Saturday and I´m the Atom bomb today

      1. Who cares, the secret is out.
        So, I´ll get back home around 8 p.m after a meeting at the office with… you know who. I´ll pass by Mr. Ching Wow restaurant and bring you the food that I know you love my love

      1. Yes it has worked on girls, at least one. She actually laughed at me first, found it silly, and then with my strange charm that some girls like and others hate, well guess where the night led me to.

      1. I can see that you’re a horny person. Though I can’t talk, I’m always horny. Just out of curiosity what do you prefer, breasts or ass?

      2. My roomates actually bought me one of those inflated girls….even my family tells me to get more of those inflated machines, so its wide open, no point in fixing me..
        I´ll go for the first one, breast. That is if your going to have sex with her, if is just for looks, then ass.

      3. You got an inflatable doll, have you used it? How does it feel? I like both but something about a pair of peachy buttocks gets me going.

      4. Never used it, but I do play some pranks with it, and eventually the pranks come back to haunt me, if you dish it you´ll get it back sooner or later. But my pranks are quite unique.

      5. You actually gave me an idea, I´ll experiment today with it and tomorrow I´ll write a poem about it. I can always say is creative writing and that It wasn´t me, people tend to confuse Charly the authour with the real person, not much of a difference but ther is some

      6. That´s true, but it also true that I was at the right place at the right time which helped a lot. It´s all written down in different post, they should be go figure where already over 700 posted.

      7. The thing is that I lived and worked in Palma de Mallorca, it´s an island of Spain in the Mediterranean, and were the money comes from is from tourist. So since I had a bartender job there and also working in a hotel, you got all those girls, coming from England, New Zeland, Germany, Italy, the list goes on, with three things in mind. Drugs, alcohol and sex. (after they left their husbands or boyfriends at home) So it was not that hard, when you are a local you know where to get them those things and you know were the best parties are at and get them inside when there is a line outside of girls waiting and they see that you know the door guy, the bartenders, and the rest. and they just walked in. So that was my situation at age 19

      8. Haha, I’m following your lead man. Here’s some ideas for mine.
        Get a blowjob in the woods
        Have sex with two girls on top of a car
        And have a sex party.

      9. Give me a call when that happens, and don´t think you have for eternity to make that happen, life passes quite quickly and I don´t know how long am I going to be around, so try to make the arrangements quick. The sex party one I´m reffering too.

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