Deception Point

Beautiful blue eyes
opening up my heart to unknown skies

Eyes that penetrate me
juggling my heart  for you to see

Her name is Clarissa
Beautiful as the flower disa

So this is not me, hard do write about touchy feeling love
I prefer to shoot one dove.
I´m down with the blue eyes
but screw the skies and I wonder why I think there are why´s,
i´m just a guy, and my nickname is hard to come by,
blue eyes, blond hair, big breasts, thick lips, personality….
could care less of that quality it is my reality for people to
then speak about morality. Screw that, it´s just insanity
of what for me is abnormal humanity. I just wan´t to touch those breasts
pass the test, and the rest….. just keep on living.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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