Jane o Jane

Ninja required | Jane’s Musing I got a Haiku for me! By her! So me has haiku ! Anybody out there
has a haiku written for them?…well no, so here´s my retaliation against  her.

Jane o Jane
you´re writing is nicely insane
Jane o Jane
how can you do it over and over again
Jane Goldsack
you´re good in the sack!….
sorry, it just rhymed but if you want I´ll take it back
Jane Goldsack
you can certainly give us a smack
a high of reading your writing like when I was on crack

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses and gentess Jane.


    1. I said your writing is insanely beautiful by the way, so you´re welcome by the great charly the priest.
      Tried my best to get serious but I think that by now you probably know it´s hard for me, so this was my best attempt at saying, thank you.

      1. Yes it´s true, we could actually make a blog together called
        “Wisdom” and basically I´ll throw out knowledge to the rest of the world, knowledge as you well know is the greatest commodity a human can have( again being the humanitarian) and you reply to the comments since you´re the listener.
        It should be a paid web that´s for sure, and with your charm I pretty confident we can make some $. And split it 50-50, no 25 cents less per dollar for a woman, we are equal opportunity partners in advice

      2. Wow! You must really think I’m special!
        50-50… I’m honored : )

        We can name it

        C & C Humanitarian Factory

        As long as my “C” comes first 😉

        Charly for you ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️. These are my future blogs images. You will like 🙂

      3. This is perfect, and yes your C will come first. It will be
        C&c humanitarian factory.
        Well we should give a percentage of what we earn to some charitable foundation if we don´t want to look like fake humanitarians, or we can then create our own humanitarian foundation, I´m getting full of ideas here

      4. Ahhhh….. My goodness we’ve got this in the bag!!

        I’ve got several charitable organizations we can give too!

        On a serious note….. May I tell you something without sounding like I am bragging… I’m just proud of my boy.

        We helped raise close to a million $$$
        For a charity.. : )
        I made a video about my boy and we were apart of a Gala..

        I’m just a proud mama ❤️
        I should send it to you..❤️

        Now… Back to our little plan!

        Here is our theme song.
        Garth Brooks was raised and lives close to where I grew up!
        Love this song. Listen if you get the chance.

      5. Dying! I just saw him in concert a few months ago… I’m not a huge country fan..
        But I am a Garth fan ❤️

        Ok.. Now Listen.. There were other people that did tons to raise that money. But to raise most of it in one night : ) wow

        Don’t judge! I look terrible in the video.
        My boy was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes ( like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias) it’s a tough task.. But one that I’m on board for.
        My husband is a Physician, and he was devastated too.. We get up at least 3 times a night to check him and make sure he is ok. There have been close calls..

        But on a positive side… We got this ❤️

      6. Sorry to hear that.

        Well the good news to me is that your husband is a physician , so the doctor is in the house.

        I´m sure it has to be stressful for a mother, but for what I gathered if you take the insuline at the times you need it and all the other things that might go with that disease, you will have a pretty normal life.

        And you bet you and your husband got “this”, you certainly seem to be a strong woman.

      7. Ahhhh… Charly, I just love you! ❤️❤️
        I do! I think I truly started to love you during our chat today : )
        You make me smile : )
        Thank you!
        Don’t give up on our blog idea ❤️

      8. Keep on smiling beautiful, that´s what makes not only you but the people around you more uplift.(That´s the wrong expression but you get what I´m saying) I actually do believe that women in general, they´re a tough tough nut to crack when it gets to the welfare of their kid.
        Beautiful and touching video. Nice looking kid you have there and the smile on his face and determination does bring a smile to others.

        Good night from the land of the wild bulls, it´s almost ten p.m and I need to eat something.

      9. This was a powerful video. I obviously had no idea as to what entailed having this disease. And you too have it, and seems you´re doing fine. You´re great lady. And look at your boy, ain´t that guy cute and seems to be a happy little guy. Uplifting to see his smile just like the mother. By the way he does look a lot like you.

      10. Ummmmm, you trying to get me to love you even more???
        I already love you, Charly… ❤️

        No one really knows this on here…
        Maybe it’s why I started blogging..
        I don’t know…
        But, I’m in kidney failure….
        I’m not worried… I’ve been through worse… But I worry my boys may not know how much they are loved.
        So I write and if one day they ever Google me… They will see tons of pages dedicated to them… And maybe they will understand me better and in turn understand themselves better.
        Maybe I’m crazy… Strike that… I am crazy! : )

        One other tidbit no one knows..

        Deep breath..
        Okay, my ex-husband (my oldest sons dad) is married to my older sister…

        Let me answer your questions..

        1.) Yes we were married when it started
        2.) Yes I wanted to kill her
        3.) Yes I still love and miss her
        4.) Yes I see her all the time
        5.) Yes it can be very awkward
        6.) Yes I’ve forgiven her… Because I love my boy more than I hate what they did.

        Charly, now you know my secrets…
        You’re stuck with me ❤️

      11. I had pretty close calls myself in so many ocassions that I have stopped counting.

        The last one was that I almost died at age 30 because of my pancreas, 50% of it is dead tissue now, spend 18 days in ICU and the doc´s wanted to put me into an induced comma, this can lead to latter on to having all other diseases derived from having a screwed up pancreas, diabetis being one of them.

        I have faced death, seen death on numerous occasions not even counting my time in the army, so it is a fact of life that sooner of later it will come. So you know what Carisa? We concentrate on ourselve´s and in your case you and your kids, and have the best time in life, cherishing every moment because I do know how fragile life is from my own personal experience, and since my life expectations are not very high, well I might as well just be a silly OCF (obsessive compulsive flirt 😉 ) and live life to the fullest.

        And I´m sure your kids can´t be more proud of having a mother like you.

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