Just people

People from all walks of life
have a commonality,
hardship is in their reality.
Everyone, has a moment or moments
in life when they see the dark,
far from perfect they are
but most of them have a heart.
I refuse to think that most are bad
although I have encountered a lot of those
which is sad. But at the end I will say
that people, their hardship, their dark moments,
I do see in quite a lot of cases the beauty of their hearts.
Just people.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Of course I´m right, plus I though for once in a blue moon to write a emotional poem. And I do believe that, most people although far from perfect do have that heart for others, not all others but for some others. And that should be good enough.

  1. really nice words CP! 💖💗 and i am not back in blog mode yet but enjoyed your comment the other day – and that other poem – short – dense – and made my day spaniard!
    ttys 😊

  2. This is very true to me. Even upon looking at historical figures, I question that any one person is 100 percent evil or 100 percent angelic. I know it is controversial for me to make such a statement. Everyone has hardship and a heart.

    1. No, since I´m using right now another computer that is not a pc the freaking reader doesn´t work, so I have to go to the inbox of my email and and there are a whole bunch of post´s coming in. And have to sort them out, since I can only erase 25 at a time. And now that I´m on it, the notifications doesn´t work either, I actually have to type “wordpress.com/notifications” to see whom is coming in, and the same goes for statistics, which that one is less important. The one of the pain in the ass is that in a Mac I can´t see the reader. So since I have a pretty amazing memory not to flatter myself but I think not even Einstein had it, anyways I do recognise quite a lot of people by name and if I see them on other blogs I click in their gravatar( that´s how I ended in your blog)and then I go to their blog. I could complain more actually, today I received my laptop after a month in the repair shop and the wifi doesn´t seem to work now on the laptop so I´m still stuck with the freaking Mac, in the middle of a non stop procession of people walking and talking around me which doesn´t let me concentrate shit to write anything.
      Holy, now I feel much better after this rant. Now I´m more frosty.

      By the way, you did scare me a bit with that post, at the beginning since I was still waking up I actually though the Royal Air Force was actually going to bomb the hell out of some place and since Spain is not to far away from Germany I was about to get into my secret underground bunker.
      Stay Frosty my friend.

      1. Haha cheers Charley. I’m having a few tech problems with the old site at the moment. If it persists, I’ll give it a bloody good bombing! That outta do it. Thanks for your time and trouble my friend. Much appreciated 🙂

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