Happy Birthday! Smile when you see my flash

Happy birthday
On a rainy Wednesday
33 years old
And going bold
Damn… Can´t believe I made it
With my wit so this is it
I´ve reached the age of Jesus Christ!
This is probably one of the biggest heist…
to perpetrate against humanity
ha ha ! And most of them wanted me dead to only find more of my insanity;
Holy, who thought I would make it this far,
with  one or two, really quite a lot of those scar
been a drunk homeless, imprisoned,  almost died on numerous occasions
and I have difficulty to have some nice vacations,
although I can still destroy nations but now with words of innovations.
Yo, Molly!! I´m still alive. Guess I´m blessed by God; who probably is
staring down with a frown and letting me run wild around  here for-
I have no clue, I should have been long gone son,
but I´ll stick a while here in this earth like glue until HE gives me HIS cue.
Probably HE´s scared of having me in heaven, then send me to rob
a seven eleven doing more of bad thing, bells then going ring, and me-
down to hell, o well. I don´t dwell on that, I´m just that smart.
My birthday present today is great, now is 8:30 a.m, and
by 10:20 a.m going to the back doctor, guess why?
You guessed it to say hi, and him telling me my back is like a screwed up pie,
after that a nice visit to the social security worker, which makes me go
beserker, and see how they reject any services so they can give it to
some illegal Marrocan immigrant, which later I´ll find him selling dope in
the park, making my head to spark….and not in a nice way, by the way.
All this safety net, that according to the laws of this country should be given
to Spaniards, and me having paid my does not only with taxes for my
country masters who send me to far away land of disasters.
So it just pisses me off.
No normal work to find, constantly finding
myself in a monetary bind, thank´s to the idiots who run this country
fuck it, just same old same old, more crummy jobs;
without telling the I.R.S, screw´m their a mess.
So, I ain´t giving up, that´s should make you a bit worked up
Happy fucking birthday Charly and yo!
Smile when you see my flash.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Can I borrow you´re cell phone?…. why you ask? I´ll tell you then, I have to call God to tell him that an angel is missing.

        That´s as crazy as I get, a cheesy pickup line.

      2. Thank you, I actually not one of having big birthday parties. I like to go to others birthday parties, but never felt comfortable with my own. Plus I even forgot it was my birthday when I woke up…..and this one I was really hoping for, 33! The age of Jesus Christ. So basically my job in this earth is pretty much done. Who knew I would get to see the big 3. 3

      3. It is beautiful, although I would like to have that long hair the guy had. Plus he was quite handsome, even when he was in the cross. And quite the muscles he had, this is getting weird and weirder….

  1. You’re not out of the woods yet Charly! Those Romans are still thirsty for blood. Your brand of crazy is just the thing they lust for… Stay alert. Stay frosty! ❄️⛄️❄️ And have a very happy birthday! 🎉🎂🎉 Drink up🍷🍺🍸🍻🍶 today you are king of the juice!

  2. Happy birthday Charly
    I have no words of wisdom
    All I have is a wish…
    That when it’s time to go to heaven
    and if I make it there I get to meet you.
    Cuz Mister, you Blister the WordPress world with your spinning, twister verses.
    Stay Frosty Mr Charly
    You’re one hot mutha-brudder

    1. Had to smile at this comment, probably on of the most unique and best crafted comment.
      I´ll be waiting for you in heaven, I´m going first, can´t let you beat me to the finish line.

      1. haha, I had a fortune teller tell me my time ends at 56…I turn 56 this January, if she’s right, I’ll beat you lol
        regardless, I’ll have a bottle of JD waiting, plus Jose, plus Johnny and amaretto for the pussys hahaha
        We will party like its 1999 😉

      2. Jose…Jose Cuervo! Damn I almost forgot about that one. Long time haven´t drank it.
        Well that fortune teller…..you got 3 months on this earth! Let´s start the party as of right now.

      3. Red tea or green one? The red they say it cleans your body, go figure if that one is true. I probably need to drink two gallons a day if I want my body to get back to the cleanliness that it was before, and probably I´d be doing bathroom pit stops throughout the day

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