Letter to my 15 year old self (scary!)

Dear Charly,

Would you stop masturbating please. Is not healthy. Just go out and meet girls.
Holy shit Charly, I said to go out and meet girls not be constantly thinking about
having sex with them, just go back to masturbating.

Stop with the curse words, you should expand your vocabulary. Also, stop riding
your motorcycle up the hills and doing weeles  you can get hurt, don´t be such 
a dare devil. You always seem to seek adrenaline. Focus on your studies. Charly !
I said focus on your studies, that doesn´t mean that when you go to school which is
not very often that you focus on the teachers with the intention of  pissing them off.
Actually, get out of school, better get a job…. or not.

Stop with the parties, fist fights and more parties. Stop smoking….No! Don´t hit that
guy because you ran out of smokes and he won´t give you one. O.k then, just pick up
some cigarettes that are laying around on the pavement. Be a productive member of society.

Join the army or something, maybe they take you in. They did later on? Fuck, that
is really scary actually. Trusting you with a rifle…..

Hope everything goes well.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I went to the doctor’s the other day Charley and she said to me “You’re going to have to stop masturbating sir”
    “Why?” I cried in alarm
    “Because I’m trying to examine you” came her terse reply.
    I suppose she had a point to be fair

  2. This was great, Charly! I actually wrote a letter in reverse to my future self, but this idea sounds better. I ought to try it to see what would become of it. You make a good point–when we’re young, we have the whole world to look forward to and the silly things we do seems like it won’t have a lasting effect. I know, I had lost years off my life because I was a goof after high school. But that’s another story. I would have done well in the army as well, but like you said–I wouldn’t have trusted myself with a gun either! 😉

    1. You gave me a much better idea, writing a letter to my future self. But that one would have a more serious tone. But I will add I was a damn good soldier. But it didn´t really fit with the silliness of the whole letter.

    1. But I do know you like a bit of danger in your life, gives you a little high. And the older version of Charly actually got worst, then it did a reboot and sort of got a bit more mellow. Just a bit, the necessary.

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