It is eleven thirty p.m, and after a day of uncertainty I find myself
staring at a dark sky, no stars, just a bright half moon dangling there;
for me to stare. And suddenly, uncertainty has crumbled down
by some divinity that came to  my town. Feeling like finishing
the short story, with creativity not being a worry;
Creativity, insanity, absurdity,funny-ty, is back!
for me to give it another crack.
Illumination, is again part of Charly´s brainstorm.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Hi there soldier of a girl, couldn´t be better, except for some minor tickets I have to pay, apart from that, I´m working on the white picket fence on our house in suburbia, thought of painting it half white and half pink. Just to be a bit original.
      How you doing?

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