The brotherhood

All male club,
we fight for each other
we love one another

All heart,
women are excluded
women can make the club polluted

All Alpha males,
sitting and drinking
sitting and bullshiting
sitting and talking about our life´s in the making
sitting and saying how tough we are even if we´re faking

Once in a while let the boys be boys.
In this politically correct society
I have found a lot of stupidity of anxiety

Social re-engineering comes to  us
and is not a plus
just let the brotherhood,
be the last standing politically incorrect group.



    1. Hello Jeanix, thank´s a lot for the nominations, but as I alwas tell people the best reward and quite amazing to me really is that people would actually take a bit of time of their day to read my crazy things. That´s more tan I can ask for, well if I could live out of writing that would be nice not to have crummy jobs. Again, thak´s a lot, very much appreciated that you would think of me.

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