Just a quick thank you

I´m not one that looks much at statistics, nor I started this blog to get followers,
I actually call this wordpress experiment ” My free online university” since I´m able
to read a whole bunch of other people and pick up little things here and there from
a lot of forms of writing. I actually find it amazing not only the writing blogs, but
photography, people talking about their life´s, I even follow preachers! You name it
I probably follow it and get ideas for my own writing, so I ´m basically stealing from you.
And no, I do not follow porn, even though I suffer from OCSF or
Obsessive Compulsive Silly Flirt.

But I can´t oversee that there are 1,001 people that actually read this blog, obviously
some people more than others which is perfectly understandable. It´s a short day, at
least for me, I´d like the day to be longer and get more things accomplished, people
are busy.

My silly blog, which is probably as dull as there is out there, I don´t know how to put cool
graphics up, or arrange photographs, I´m not active in social media in order to move my
writing´s(which is probably good now that I think of it), I´m just a caveman  when it gets to
the social media, pinterest pinter..what? Don´t have a clue what the hell is that.

And now it has been 2 years with this blog, quite amazing the people I have encountered,
published and unpublished real writers that would actually take a little time of their day
to pass through this blog and leave a Like or a comment, it´s quite rewarding. And not only
people who are writers I have to say.

I think that the people that I have had more interactions
with know who they are when  I´m saying thank you. And thank you  to all those not so close but
that still read this nut job, my question is if there is something wrong with you… reading me?

So thank you
for reading this writing zoo
your neurons might actually turn blue
I´m certainly not the best of writers,
but I do have a fun trying in some cases
my best to do for the writers nest some contribution….
what a screwed up evolution,
so anyways anyhows
going to feed my cows
meaning my last remaining neuron
that´s a bit lost swimming in lake huron
and then read as much as other blogs out there
for them to scare
and be aware that I do appreciate you
say´s Charly, while doing the Scooby Do!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses



  1. Ahhh… I love this! So many people love you ❤️ so very sweet!
    I don’t do social media either. I have a Facebook but haven’t logged in for years. I I don’t even know my passcode. I think it’s just all drama.
    I want to thank you for always making me smile! You do that so well : )

    I think you must be a camera because every time I look at you…. I smile ; ) ❤️

    1. I don´t have Facebook, pinterest, I do have twitter which I really don´t get into it much.
      So I make you smile….good, I always tell people I´m a humanitarian. Happy people out there are less violent so I´m preventing crime, I´m actully also a crime fighter.
      That last sentence about the camera…..woman, I have to use that line, see how it goes, maybe a slap on the face, maybe laughing at me( which I really don´t care since I´m shameless) or maybe it even Works, or maybe…… what in the world does a camera has to do with smiling! You´re confusing me……

      1. You are my crime fighter!

        Don’t be late
        For our big date
        Be here by eight
        Because I don’t like to wait
        I’ll try and look great
        Great memories we will create
        I’ll be hungry for a dinner plate
        So the restaurant we’ll go straight
        Fun times will await
        Then go to the club up state
        Our night I’ll dictate
        Hope my love you wont deflate
        That will slow my heart rate
        It Will feel like you used a sedate
        Charly… I’m your soulmate

        ❤️ haha ; )

      2. Holy s..t! Forget about dinner and the club named hub, going to the bedroom to not get a broom,and then go to the club for me to smuggle in so dance for my blond hotit di hot…..making me dance on her spot……

      3. I did notice you like that actor, and youre my….Madonna? You look like the all American girl that´s for sure.
        shusssssssssss…. I´m whispering in your ear, girl!!! 😉

      4. Don´t cry my sweet Carisa, don´t cry me that river of yours, you´re going to me make me swim through it to save you.

        Hey, you actually gave me an idea for a post for tomorrow. Look out for the titile ” Don´t cry my sweet Marisa”

      5. Just someone, it´s more like plural somone´s. But not as good looking and samart as you…..hold on I´m taking a breath now—– o.k, cool, you know this river of yours is more like the Niagara Falls.

      6. I think my friend Danny was on duty…..he´s a bit of a handful, probably got distracted in his way when he saw Taco Bell. No worries though, I´ll talk with him so the next time he kips his head on the game

  2. Hello, Obsessive Compulsive Silly Flirt. You’re funny and you’ve been really awesome. Having an attitude of gratitude is very important. It’s not about the exact numbers, it’s what the depth of support means for you. We are here for smiles and warmth. There’s a reason why your subscribers are loyal. We trust you and believe in you. Stay frosty, gent. x

  3. What a great post Charly. I can tell that you are real and authentic. I actually want to comment in more detail but as I mentioned, I am in transit. I still have a connection because we are stuck in city traffic at the moment. Ugh.

    1. It´s silly-dull, silly the things I say and dull the graphic design, but I do have fun with the writing and reading others. I thought you where going to say you looked forward for a date……

    1. Hey there Oscar, my writing obviously has nothing to do with yours, but I truly appreciate the mastery you have of poetry (is mastery even a Word or did I just invented that one), your poetry is deep and meaningful and touches a great number of aspects of human beings regardles of sex orientation or colour of the skin. Which frankly I could care less about those last two. I look at the indivdual, and you sir, well, you´re a pretty cool individual and great writer, although I´m way much cooler than you 😉
      Take care and thanks for the comment

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