Love poem to my dear sweet Marisa

My dear,
i look at your blue eyes
and I think of your homemade french fries

My dear,
fond memories of us hunting that deer
after having a couple dozen of them´s beer

Sweet Marisa,
don´t cry
is not a by by
just a temporary standby…..for now

Sweet Marisa,
when I return
we´ll make love under the tree fern

My dearest sweet Marisa……
i will suck every part of you body ,ti´ll you experience the royal snack
until your eyes go blank
with nothing inside just like the World´s Bank

Shusssssss…… Sleep well my sweet Marisa

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I had to re read it again, ( I even forgot what I wrote yesterday), I did make a sort of point when she dies and I say “blank like the Worlds Bank”, that was clever of me! 😉

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