The couch man

rectangular it is
relaxing cushions envelop him
letting him think
he lits up a cigarette
pure pleasure

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Wow! We white people have an entire catalogue of possibly awful, yet brilliant, past historical scenarios that we can draw from! I’m not racist, but black people simply don’t have that option! How terrible! lol

      2. Hey, you´re talking here with a Spanish dude, you do know that wih the Spanish Conquistdores we pretty much ruled the whole world, and in the process pretty much killed half of the world´s population but what can you do, not everybody is perfect. So we have a rich rich history, actually we decimated the Maya civilisation. Who else can say that from their heritage……Just us, the Spaniards.
        That´s why in hush hush tones they call me, the Spanish Stallion!

      3. That’s impressive,
        but my British ancestors destroyed the entire Aboriginal Australian population within a few decades to be honest! (although that’s awful and terrible)
        The British Empire once owned more than one-third of the Earth’s surface!
        “The sun never sets on the British Empire” was a popular saying at the time.
        I’m sorry, you can’t beat that. The British Empire was the worst and most badass empire ever!

      4. ‘Worlds biggest empires’, British is at the top, we were the absolute worst bastards the world has ever seen!
        Although the Spanish empire was VAST as well! fair play to you guys! haha

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