It´s random Sunday you ignoramus!

that small pouring
soul searching
is so boring
i like deli fish,
for him there´s not sharing
why the bothers
no time for others
you damn ignoramus!
and you’re not even famous
while ignoring people´s stories
he has no worries
the don´t call him deep
just a creep
he shrugs and says he´s a bastard cheep
or just  shallow who dislikes deep
people even wonder in their sleep?
damn…. It´s Sunday you ignoramus
happy to write things strange-ous

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. And you should thank me for revealing to the world there is a word called ingoramus. I´m spreading knowledge, and knowledge is the best currency to have to navigate this world, just being a humanitrian, yet again…..

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