Sooner or later……

Sooner or later
The past will catch up with you dumping you in a unknown crater

I do comprehend
That you have to face consequences for your  misbehaviour´s bent

I have no remedy
Well actually I could go on the run and not face my tragic-comedy

I couldn´t sleep
Building for the future which now looks bleak

Arrested six years ago
While I was a homeless drunk trying to force myself at night into a liquor store

Now I get notification for the trial set on March of next year
For fuck´s sakes, they could have imprisoned me earlier when I had no fear

Now, when family issues are good, life is good, I have a roof over my head,
money to survive, internet to create some poetic strife, building the future,
pisses me off that my life really is on stand by, until judge decides
if I will fry or he will let me fly.So sooner or later, even though you have
moved on to a better stand, your past will catch up with you and screw you
if you screwed up big time, like I did with that drunken crime.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Tell that to your friend the bear, Winny the Po? He´s the arresting officer, judge and jury, plus he very well eat you alive! Well, unless you give him some of those black berries they like. I might even do that to the judge, bring him a home made pie. That would be something to see.

  1. I’m so glad you turned your life around, Charly. Please do everything in your power to show that you are this new version of you. The system should not beat a man when he’s down. Societies should protect their most vulnerable. You have a voice and a platform for speaking out about that. I’m praying so hard for you right now. Hold fast and continue on this path. It will work out.

    1. I wouldn´t have mind going to jail at that time, not that I would want it ofcourse, but come on, 6 years later when things are starting to go in the right direction, in comes a left hook out of nowhere. I didn´t even remember that. But is life, just got to wait and see what they want, it´s a 2 years sentence at most, which a doubt they´ll give me since it´s my first offense of that type. But who knows, up until next March, 5 months to go, I better start writing more that´s for sure. Just in case.
      I have been through worst though, but it still pisses me off that I have to put my life pretty much on hold until I know what they are going to do with my life, and specially now that I´m doing pretty good. Writing, reading, the odd Jobs that come my way once in a while, not drinking which that one is crucial, nice relationship again with family and old friends, and the idiots come with that almost 6 years later. But, as they say in the U.S, if you do the crime be prepared to do the time. My situation back then was completely out of control, that´s for sure. So maybe I get a nice judge, who the hell knows. I just don´t think much about it, just today I don´t know why it was on my mind. In the mean time, just have to live day by day and have healthy fun.
      I actually think that I have to pay for what I did, and man up for that mistake. But pisses me off, they could have jailed me at that age 26 or 27, not now at 33 years old and things going good.
      Thank´s for the prayers.

      1. You’re welcome. I’m happy to support you. There are bad people out there and you’re not one of them.Your integrity is amazing. Wish there were more people like you. x

      2. I did bad things for sure, but I don´t believe I´m a bad person if you put me in a balance I do think the good will be much greater than the bad. Hopefully anyways. Talk about bad people, I have met what bad people no, but the next level to bad. Comparing me to those types, I´m much closer to being a saint.

  2. Hey Charlie. Ugh, you sound soooooo down here. I can totally understand why. That would be a huge bummer and let down if they don’t look at how far you’ve come, and how much you have changed. I certainly hope and pray that the judge looks upon you with mercy. And hey, I think there’s a good chance. Six years is a long time, and you’ve done some amazing growth and have changed a lot (from what I can tell).
    I’m rootin for ya.

    1. I have certainly changed, I´m not sooo down though. Been in worst situations, but pisses me off that my life has to be put on hold. They could have done this , trial at the time when I really felt I had nothing to loose, but now at age 33 when things are going pretty smooth…sucks obviously I don´t think much of it really, but this day I woke up thinking about it, don´t know why. Probably something I saw on t.v yesterday night, triggered something in the brain, since I´m pretty good at locking things in a little box inside my head and leaving them there.

      1. I can understand. I got in trouble with the law when I was younger, but I ended up only having to do community service hours. Mind you, I was a teenager. Hopefully they’ll look at the fact that it was 6 years ago, and that you have grown a lot. I hope so. Maybe you can get off doing just community service hours or something like that.

  3. I’m sorry you are going through this, and yeah life has a way of spanking ya when you least expect it, at least in my experience . . .
    In the meantime – DO NOT put your life on hold. I mean, I wouldn’t go buy a house or anything, but there’s a lot of things you can do that will continue helping you to grow AND hopefully the court will see that. Hopefully they will see that a person changes a lot in 6 years, especially from their 20s to their 30s. I will keep you in my prayers and send good thoughts your way. BTW – do you realize you have over 1000 followers – way to go, my young Spaniard friend!! Keep on writing ❤

    1. Hey there Sdie, thank´s for the prayers. And I´m not putting my life completely on hold, but I could be planning certain things for next year and I cant since I don´t know which way the court is going to sentence me, jail time or not or pay a fine, just don´t know. I can speculate about it, but I really don´t think much of it. Just this night, probably I saw something in the t.v that triggered that little box inside my head where I put all the bad memories, well it seemed it opened since I started thinking also about other things that should be stored away and forgoten by now. I´ll just keep up with my day to day things, but that thing I wanted to do next year, well that one is on hold.

  4. Don’t put your life on hold, keep living and don’t think much about the trial until the time comes. Most likely you won’t have to go to jail. Probably some sum of money has to be repaid (damage?). Is it in your town?
    You can face your past without fear from where you stand now. Hugs, friend!

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