Putting together a poetry book

This is hard, I thought it would be easier
nope, at least not the way I write, a bit strange right?
well if you can´t go right go left, that was my conclusion
didn´t make myself create a grand illusion. How the hell do I classify all
the poems I printed some time ago, i started reading them, and then
i thought, they talk about love but in between i throw in the dove and make
a sarcastic joke about it then it gets serious,or i talk about fighting in life
those are the more predominant it seem, but not to that ones i even beam.
Is not the typical wise words of fighting life´s struggles, since in between
the serious i write some strange random shit, maybe the next hit? Or they
are serious but is…..can´t figure it out, all that I spout.
I have no clue how to categorize these poems, my conclusion
was the intrusion of that they are uncategorizable, see? inventing words
in my own mind blurs. I might call it, “go figure poetry book” that could be
a nice hook, or “One man´s thought of what is poetry”, again a rare-ity .

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


  1. I like “Go Figure..Poetry Book”
    You do not have to fit your poetry or your unique self into anyone’s predetermined box or genre.
    Maybe..”Charlie The Priest Speaks”
    Or. “Charlie The Priest Poeticizes”

      1. I understand. That’s okay. You can work on it in bits and pieces. If I learn anything about Amazon that might be useful to know, I will let you know.

        I would like to publish something too. I filled out some online form that Amazon said was required for the IRS taxes but I never got a response.

        Supposedly the IRS was supposed to assign me a number or something. They want to make sure they can get any drops of blood out of me that drip out.

      2. The IRS or as I call them Irresponsible Robbers of Services. I´ll have to dig in much deeper how in the world does it work to get a book in amazon, not only self publish but through other means.
        You have a topic that unfortunately though your experience know a lot about and I think it is a topic that could be well served for the public to know more. And also from the perspective of guys like one post I saved in my crummy computer http://gentlementalannie.com/2015/10/03/domestic-violence-and-abuse-against-men-2/ it runs both ways. I think that topic is first interesting (not for the people who have lived through it though) for the general public and can help women and men(although I doubt few men will ever aknowledge it)

  2. You do realize now I am going to be lying in bed thinking of book titles……well maybe it will get my mind off the usual ruminizing…and I will sleep before 3 or 4 am….who knows….
    “Poetic Pleasure by Cigarette Light”
    ” Poetic Pleasing and Teasing by Charlie the Priest”
    Much love<3
    Insomniac Annie

      1. Yeah I think we are in opposite time zones…although I do not usually sleep until 4 am so night time to me is not normal anyway.

        Let us know if you pick a book name for your poetry book. Are you going to self publish with Amazon? I have thought of checking it out.


      2. Have no clue yet, there´s a bunch of things going on in my life to focus exclusively in the writing for the necessary time I need. But I´ll get there.

  3. Totally agree not easy at all been thinking of doing one still thinking , self publishing all that to save money Yepppp not easy. Choosing name , which poems, telling a story, arrrrr brain exploding ,,,, think later take care lol

    1. Hey there Graeme, sorry for the late response a couple of hectic days, thanks for the reblog.Stay Frosty….why not, I have no clue, I keep changing titles and I keep changing certain poems in diferent categories, and then I change categories, I´m more lost than red riding hood

  4. This is great news! I wish you all the best with the book. I’m sure whatever you categorize it, it would fall in the category where I would think it belongs–under genius.

  5. Way to go. I’m also going to write an art and poetry book.
    It can be tough trying to find a theme/title. I like your first choice more, ‘Go figure’, but without the ‘poetry book’. The fact that it’s a book of poetry can be added in some other way maybe. What do you think?

    1. I agree, still have to read more of all the poems I printed, do the selection, classification and this I found hard, I think is best next time around( if there is) to make up your mind first as to what topics you want to write about and then write it. Much easier to classify then, as of now I have 100 pages of poems and is a mess to go through all of them and then trying to categorize this one here or there, and then suddenly I find that this other poem maybe fits better in that other category…..nuts.
      Good luck with your book, that is a good mix, poetry and art.

      1. Haha. I would go nuts too. I would end up cross-categorizing if I were to try an endeavor like this. And would go nuts in the process. Hahaha.
        Thanks a ton Charly. And good luck with your book too.

  6. I keep thinking I got categories for poetry… hmmm..and then… I think – ‘shit on it…nope…dont like that’. Took AGES to even begin to try find what fits where cos – tis las you say Sir, they all go everywhere. Isn’t that the bestest poetry? those that are everything and nothing all at once. Now THERE’S a title for you! HA! ‘Everything and Nothing’ Or shall I keep that one for my (one day) poetry book? 😉
    Hope you good dear.

    1. Who would have thought it would be so hard. I have 100 pages of poems, and it seems that if next time( if there is a next time) I should start by thinking what I want to write about, say love for example and then write 10 poems about love, yet again it would not be half as fun as it is when I just go a bit, free for all letting my imagination go where it wants to go, making a bit of sense though.
      By the way you are almost an angel sent from heaven, I do really like that title.

    1. I just saw the post, 20 days ago it says here…. it in the section pending. By the way, and you are also promoting it. You’re a gift, you made my mother finally had a sigh of relief while she is going through cancer, you put a smile on my face and hers.

      1. Well I just know when God is leading me and it makes me so happy that you value my bit of help! And you really do – I know you are not perfect –/ but you have a tender heart! You never give up – and you do love your writing and word play! So cheers amigo – have a nice weekend and talk to you later – love ya back!

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