Diabolical girl

Black and blue eyes,
sensual lips
incredible hips
Long and slim legs,
round petite breasts
she suggests

Infatuating smile
Makes you think, you´re longer than a mile

All her attention is on you;
Making you feel like the man of steel

Next thing, knife in her hand, stab in the back, she walks never looks back.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. She´s smarter, but when it gets to someone pissing them off as some idiots right now have commented to me in other blogs, lets just say that they should be thankful their behind the conforts of their computer, talk about temper…

      2. I´ve seen real mean,not that they are being mean but people don´t even listen to a well formed argument if is not what they want to listen too and worst they don´t even answer to what I write, they just go on their own Little way not arguing my comment but whatever they have already established in their head and specially when some person tells me “you don´t know what is like to live in fear teaching our kids drill to get under the desk ….bla bal”(about the gun violence in the U.S) then, you got me going ballistic, talking to me about not knowing what violence is or being scared of real violence, fuck them. You really don´t see a very good sided of me actually. I still have to work on that, a bit of anger issues you can say.

      3. You and you´re friend to the left of the map which is now in another place, that one too is my sister didn´t you know that, I actually have sisters comming out of the woodworks !

      4. Lol, good to know I’m you sister Charly, stop hitting on me all the time or I would tell my other sister (that’s on another part of the world now) about it and she will deal with you ~_~

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